Khittomer Wormhole

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Khittomer Wormhole.png.
Khittomer Wormhole
General Data
*Class: Class 2b
*Type: Unstable Wormhole
*Location: Pinastri Sector, Delta Quadrant
The Khittomer Wormhole is the method used by the Federation to travel to the Delta Quadrant to set up its colony in the Pinastri Star System.

In late 2379, during routine patrols on the edge of the Romulan Border near to Khittomer, the USS Wraith, an experimental scout ship, detected an anomaly which turned out to be an intermittent wormhole.

Months of intensive scientific study discovered the wormhole spawned at random anywhere within a 20,000 light year radius. Ongoing scientific studies resulted in being able to predict where and when the wormhole would next appear. Whilst it opened randomly this side, the far side remained at a stable, permanent location in the Delta Quadrant. However, once the wormhole closed, the length of time before it opened again got greater each time.

On the 12th January 2381 the Federation Council finally approved funding for the creation of United Federation Starfleet to set up a Delta Quadrant colony. Plans were made for a two-phase journey through the now named "Khittomer Wormhole" during March and June, the next two occasions when the wormhole would spawn.

The Delta Quadrant terminus of the wormhole is located in the Pinastri Sector, some ten light-years from Pinastri Prime

Recorded uses of the wormhole

To the Delta Quadrant

  • 2381 - 060325 - Initial Colony Fleet journey under the Command of Admiral .......
  • 2381 - 060601 - Second Colony Fleet journey under the Command of Admiral Mike Calhoun
  • 2382 - 070305 - New batch of cadets arrive aboard Freighters
  • 2382 - 070916 - New batch of cadets arrive aboard Freighters
  • 2383 - 080630 - Arrival of the USS Menelaus from Beta Antares Shipyards

From the Delta Quadrant

  • 2381 - 061017 - Admiral .......returns to the Alpha Quadrant
  • 2383 - 080513 - VADM Rafkin Ashbourne returns to the Beta Quadrant