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General Data
*Home System: [Trabe Star System
*Home Planet: Trabus
*First Contact: 2371
*First Contact By: Captain Kathryn Janeway, USS Voyager
*Faction: Kazon Secs
*Government: Patriarchical Society
*Violence: High
Biological Information
*Scientific Order: Bipedal
*Skin: Multi
*Hair: Hard Skin like structure
*Eyes: Multiple
*Auditive: Standard Audio Communication
*Emphatic: None
*Telepatic: None
*Intelligence: Medium
*Genders: Two
Other Information
Information gathered by UF Starfleet Intelligence and Captain Ulrich Bechir


The Kazon were first encountered by Captain Kathryn Janeway and USS Voyager in 2372, when they were flung into the Delta Quadrant and became a main threat and antagonist immediately. While the Kazon are divided into eighteen major tribes, theirnames and designations shift constantly to mirror the constant political changes within the Kazon. It is believed that there are countless smaller tribes all constantly jockeying for primacy and to ascend as one of the major eighteen.

This work contains only the eighteen major tribes and possibly will become obsolete in short order as the tribes constantly battle amongst themselves. For the most part the Kazon are aggressive and warlike in nature, the larger the tribe the more they behaviour like a blunt object. Not all tribes get along with each other, some have complex alliances while others are at constant war with each other. In recent years, the smaller Kazon sects have become more of an issue as well. Knowing that they can’t compete in the ‘blunt force’ department, they have started to specialize in various fields with their eye on making themselves ‘indispensable’ to the larger Kazon tribes. For example, the Kazon-Ulgath have gained expertise in computer programming and control and have made themselves critical to the planning of the Kazon-Hobii.

It is not unusual for Kazon tribes to be discounted by Starfleet Captains, after all they are not overly well educated, their technology often lags behind Starfleet’s own and they can be extremely single minded in purpose. If nothing else arises form this document, it is my sincere hope that those beliefs are revised and the Kazon are seen for what they actually are, a real and ever growing threat to Pinastri and the Delta Quadrant. Also, be advised that not all Kazon Sects are hostile, although most are. Tread cautiously and carefully and if new information comes to light, please send it on to UFS Intelligence Branch as this document will have to be constantly revised. There are more Kazon sects out there than the ones indicated in this manual, this only represents the largest and most powerful of the sects, ones that have claimed and hold territory. There are an estimated fifty plus more sects out there as this is a vibrant and evolving culture. Minor sects are regularly born and they die out just as regularly. It is also very possible that some of the lesser sects will someday supplant some of the greater ones as well, meaning this guide will be constantly updated.

Most importantly, do not assume. Many Starfleet personnel believe that all Kazon sects need to be treated to diplomacy at the end of the sword, in many instances they can be negotiated with. A sect that is technologically less advanced, often knows it and therefore understands that sometimes withdrawal is preferable to battle. In other words, they aren’t all mindlessly aggressive, nor are they all stupid.


  • Classification: Neutral Group/Government
  • First Encountered: 2388
  • Location: Syllerran Sector Block, 008I

First encountered on Stardate 130517 by the USS Hyperion, the Kazon-Alban presented as a hostile force of limited ability. Led by First-Maje Krux, the Alban were one of the smaller of the Eighteen Major Kazon Sects. The Alban are in the Syllerran block which is largely dominated by the Kazon-Hobii. The Alban have made it their business to avoid the Hobii and while they are not aggressive with the Hobii, they are not allied or under the Hobii’s sway.

Likewise the Alban are not friendly with The Federation, but they mostly keep out of the presence of the Federation and Starfleet. In fact, the Alban have been known to change course and leave areas of space to keep from encountering the Federation and other Kazon Sects.

It is likely that this particular method of dealing with political/military issues in Syllerran Sector Block is what has allowed a smaller sect like the Alban to continue for so long. Having said this, the Alban should not be discounted. They have apparently started working on improving weapons systems on their ship and developing their own technology. While they are still a number of years behind Federation Technology, with ingenuity and a bit of creative theft, it is doubtless that they will end up with some tricks up their sleeve.

For now the Kazon-Alban seem to have no desires to conquer or destroy other Kazon sects and seem pleased with the amount of territory they currently hold. This may not always hold true and as a result continued reports are necessary to keep up on their activities.


  • Classification: Neutral-Friendly Group/Government
  • First Encountered: 2412
  • Location: Syllerran Sector Block, 010L

The Kazon-Baxnol, headed by First-Maje Trulk, was one of the first Kazon groups topursue and secure a treaty with The United Federation of Planets. After their initial encounter with USS Corsair in 2412, the Baxnol quickly assessed the likelihood of surviving in a coalition against the Federation with other Kazon tribes and found their chances lacking. As a result, they pursued their won interests and completed a Non- Aggression Treaty with the Federation.

Largely seen as treasonous and untrustworthy by the other Kazon sects due to their pursuance of peace, the Kazon-Baxnol have been making more and more overtures toThe Federation. Their goal is provisional membership, something other FederationDelegates have had some difficulty with this proposal due to uncertainty and distrust of Baxnol motives. While the Federation has agreed to provide some provisional military aid to the Baxnol, they are still seen as somewhat isolated a fact that has served as a lesson to other Kazon sects who have considered pursuing a relationship with The Federation.

Still the Baxnol continues to seek diplomatic solutions with The Federation and has been slowly turning some of the delegates to their cause. It will be interesting to see whether this trend will finally move them towards membership, provisional or otherwise, or what could happen if the leadership of the Kazon-Baxnol were to suddenly change.


  • Classification: Aggressive Group/Government
  • First Encountered: 2414
  • Location: Kotaba Sector, Block 021C

Located in the Kotaba Sector, the Kazon-Dudro is another one of the smaller Kazontribes that is still one of the eighteen. Their leader First-Maje Trullo fancies himself an aggressive and skilled tactician. In reality, Trullo is average at best in his tactical knowledge and abilities. Encountered in 2414, Trullo almost immediately attacked the USS Thunderbird after establishing a comm channel. He believed that with communications engaged the Thunderbird would have their guard down. Of course, not knowing his enemy, Trullo did not realise that the Thunderbird had gone to Yellow Alert as a standard precaution. In this case, Trullo was allowed to escape withhis small band of ships.

In the wake of other and larger Kazon sects entering the Kotaba Sector, Trullo has decided to specialize the Kazon-Dudro, as other smaller Kazon Sects have. Unfortunately, believing he is a master tactician, he is trying to farm out the Dudroas a ‘tactically elite’ sect to very little avail. For the most part the other Kazon sects seethe Kazon-Dudro as a joke.

Despite their poor reputation and abilities, the Dudro should be viewed cautiously. There is always the possibility that numbers end up prevailing and for that reason, COs should continue to employ standard defensive procedures upon meeting the Kazon-Dudro.


  • Classification: Aggressive Group/Government
  • First Encountered: 2418
  • Locations: Al Suran Sector Block, 017L

Syllerran Sector Block, 004FF, Hapke 8722.1

Isolated from other Kazon and other space-faring races, the Kazon-Edozuk, led by First-Maje Vogark have carved out a little spot for themselves in the Al Suran Sector. While not outwardly expansionist or aggressive, the Edozuk are mostly interested in being left alone and isolationist to the point that they will destroy others chancing upon them. Unlike other Kazon tribes, they do not seek to acquire the technology of other peoples. Despite their not employing other peoples’ technology, they seem to be advancing and thriving. Currently their phaser systems are equivalent to Federation Standard, their shields are slightly less than Federation Standard, and they employ a pulse wave photonic torpedo system. While the photonic torpedo is less effective than Federation Standard photon torpedoes, the pulse wave allows it to ‘cut through’ some of the shielding of vessels, evening some of the damage and odds.

The Kazon-Edozuk split from the Oglamar rather spectacularly after Voyager was encountered. Those in the Edozuk wanting to remain separate and apart from Starfleet, not wishing to invite conflict where it was unnecessary while the Oglamar famously was belligerent towards Voyager.

It has been confirmed that the Kazon-Edozuk are exploring past the Hapke Cluster. It is likely that they have started this exploration so they have the best chance of establishing new territories without running into other Kazon, Romulan, or Starfleet groups there. On stardate 220927, the Kazon-Edozuk encountered USS Atlas. The Atlas was surveying a Class L planet, looking for mineral wealth that could help allies in the area. They Edozuk claimed the planetary area and, in short order, attacked USS Atlas when they did not move up fast enough. The Atlas was able to hold their own against several Kazon vessels, however they were penetrating shields, making them dangerous and problematic in the region. This seems to be part of at least a Kazon-Edozuk expansion effort and possibly a larger push by several Kazon factions.


  • Classification: Neutral Group/Government
  • First Encountered: 2412
  • Location: Devore Sector Block, 034L

Far from Federation Space is the Kazon-Gehura tribe. Due to their distance, the Kazon-Gehura generally takes a neutral stance in terms of the Federation as there are few encounters recorded between them. This does not mean that the Kazon-Gehura is in a position to trust the Federation or wishes diplomatic ties, it just means that the Gehura maintain neutrality more due to proximity than anything else. To the species inhabiting the Devore Sector Block, the Kazon-Gehura are a force to be reckoned with, regularly raiding for technology and supplies. They are largely seen as pirates in the area and do sell their ill-gotten gains to others in the area as well as integrating new or upgraded technology into their own systems.

The First-Maje of the Kazon-Gehura is unknown. They speak of the First-Maje simply as The First-Maje, extolling him with almost cult-like reverence. There are reports that the Kazon-Gehura is just that, a cult, with religious aspirations and behaviours. While this has not been substantiated yet, it would be a unique method of control amongst the Kazon and interesting to study. While they hate non-Kazons they are not above indoctrinating them and using them as cannon fodder, servants, or anything else that makes their inscrutable goals easier to attain.

With their cult outlawed by many species around them and constantly at odds with the races among them, the Kazon-Gehura does possess a dangerous strength that allows them to somehow remain in control of their area of the Delta Quadrant and even expand it recent years. They are, by all accounts, dangerous, xenophobic, and fanatical.


  • Classification: Aggressive Group/Government
  • First Encountered: 2372
  • Location: Syllerran Sector Block, 009F

When first met by Admiral Janeway, the Kazon-Hobii were one of the weaker of the eighteen sects that a peace arrangement was attempted with. Since that time in 2372, the Kazon-Hobii have strengthened their overall hold on their part of the system. The Kazon-Hobii have managed to acquire more advanced technology but still lag in shield stabilization development/theft. Currently the Kazon-Hobii have entered into a non-aggression pact with the Federation that outlines their agreement not to cross the border into Federation Space, and the Federation’s agreement to do the same. Up until recently the treaty has been mostly honoured.

The Kazon-Hobii have military strength and weaponry making them a formidable foe, however their shield technology lags behind Federation Standard, a weakness that should be exploited. However, remember that it is common Kazon practice to loot technology and to use it on their own ships, so any perceived weakness should not be taken for granted.

On Stardate 160424, then Jal Yonit was part of a general attack on a landing party attempting diplomatic ties with a race known as the Mazarq. As this civilization was close to Kazon-Hobii space and they felt threatened by the presence of the Federation, they attacked the Bravon landing party without provocation and took several prisoners. After a period of torture, large led by Yonit, the prisoners were summarily executed. As no attempts at negotiation or any other diplomacy were attempted on the part of Yonit, the event is considered a war crime under the auspices of Starfleet.

Since that time, the Kazon-Hobii have worked out a complex border treaty with the Federation that is supposed to support the transfer of accused War Criminals to the Federation for prosecution but have found reasons to avoid following through with that commitment. Now First-Maje Yonit has been encountered in Kazon-Hobii space recently by the USS Veracruz, which was diplomatically unable to arrest or detain Yonit due to the nature of their mission and agreement with the Kazon-Hobii leadership.

Maje Yonit is part of the current military structure of the Kazon-Hobii, one of the larger Kazon sects bordering Federation space. The Kazon-Hobii have a border treaty with the Federation currently and a tenuous peace has been holding since 170201. Yonit is in possession of a fairly advanced Kazon-Hobii cruiser, utilizing ‘acquired’ technology, the cruiser operates at roughly a 2375 CE equivalent. Yonit is under a detain and return order. He is wanted to stand trial in the Federation over crimes against Starfleet personnel including the kidnapping and murder of several USS Bravon crew.

First-Maje Yonit is to be assumed dangerous due to previous behaviours and his crimes overall.

At this point it seems likely that the Kazon-Hobii have entered into an agreement withanother sect, the Kazon-Ulgath. The overall arrangement is reminiscent of that taking place between Rome and Carthage after the Second Punic War during which an allied Carthaginian sect of bandits would race across the border and harass and rob Roman settlements and then run back across into Carthage to avoid prosecution. Because the Ulgath are not the Hobii, Federation assets are still held by the same restrictions of the treaty. It should be noted, however, that historically while this tactic on the part of the Carthaginians did work for a time, eventually Rome became frustrated and attacked Carthage to get the bandits, sparking a Third Punic War that resulted in the utter destruction of Carthage.

Alpha, M. (n.d.). Kazon-Hobii. Memory Alpha. Retrieved August 12, 2022, from Memory Alpha [1]


  • Classification: Aggressive Group/Government
  • First Encountered: 2416
  • Location: Al Suran Sector Block, 015D

Led by First-Maje Rukta, the Kazon-Katok are a generally hyper-aggressive sect. They generally follow a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ mentality and prefer to destroy or disable ships before picking through the rubble for technology. This has lead to several problems however for the sect.

First of all, they rarely find intact and fully working technology, meaning that they have to either try and repair it or hope that it will work sufficiently. Several Katok ships have been lost to malfunctions causing explosions in their warp cores this way. Secondly, when they do find intact technology they often lack the know how to integrate it properly in their own systems.

At this time, the Kazon-Katok are on the wane and it seems unlikely, without some kind of major gain, that they will continue as one of the eighteen primary sects through to the end of the 2400s. As the other major Kazon sects are very aware of their shortcomings, it seems that they have started to withdraw political and miltary support to the waning Kazon sect. While they do not attack outright, generally, the other seventeen major sects seem more than happy to let let the Kazon-Katok fade into oblivion.


  • Classification: Isolationist Group/Government
  • First Encountered: 2413
  • Location: Syllerran Block, 009H

The Kazon-Makraza is one of the most spiritual sects of Kazon. After gaining their freedom from the Trabe, the Makraza moved to Syllerran Block, 009H and began to colonize worlds. They still maintain a fairly powerful space fleet, but engaged in ‘nature worship’ believing their life force was linked directly to the planet they now inhabited. Spiritualism should not be confused with pacifism however as the Makrazaare one of the most violent of Kazon sects.

Led by Maje Fultuka, the Makraza take a dim view of anyone perceived as bespoiling what is theirs. Most of their industry is contained in factories orbiting the planet in order to leave the planet itself unsoiled. The Makraza steward their resources judiciously and carefully ensuring that any environmental impact is minimal.

The Kazon-Makraza are primarily isolationist and have fought off anyone foolish enough to enter their sector of space. This includes members of other Kazon sects, as well as Starfleet vessels and Romulans. Their technology is slightly below Federation standards but what they lack technologically they make up for in numbers, as they scavenge the remains of any vessel caught within their wake. This has led to some unusual looking vessels outfitted with technology that is way above the Makraza’s current capability.

Federation policy at this time is to avoid Makraza held space. They are non- expansionist at this time and pose no threat as long as their boundaries are respected. There is some hope by some quarters that some progress can be made diplomatically with the Kazon-Makraza in the future, most especially after the death of First Maje Fultuka.


  • Classification: Aggressive Group/Government
  • First Encountered: 2372
  • Location: Devore Sector Block, 037G

In 2372, the Kazon-Mostral were led by First-Maje Jal Loran. In late 2372, Loran, along with other Kazon First-Majes, was invited to a peace conference on the planet Sobras organized by Captain Janeway and USS Voyager, as well as the Trabe leader Mabus. The meeting proved to be a trap created by Mabus, unknown to Janeway. The Trabe wanted to exterminate the Kazon in order to retake their technology and empire. Although no lives were lost, the assassination attempt deepened hatred towards the Trabe and the Federation felt by the Kazon.

Little contact has been had with the Mostral since this time and it uncertain if First-Maje Loran retains his power. Due to the fact that fifty Earth years have passed since then, it seems unlikely.

The relative distance from Pinastri that the Mostral are has made contact less likely, although they are still rumoured to be a power in the Devore Sector Block. It also has been reported that the Mostral still attain technology through piracy and purchase, although they have started turning towards the Kazon-Edozuk for aid increasing Edozuk prestige amongst the Kazon tribes.

Source: Okuda, M., & Okuda, D. (1999). Kazon-Mostral. In The star trek encyclopedia: A reference guide to the future (pp. 233–234). entry, Pocket books.


  • Classification: Aggressive Group/Government
  • First Encountered: 2415
  • Location: Kotaba Sector, Block 029G

Little is known about the Kazon-Nelala. They’re distance from Pinastri and the fact that they have been rarely encountered even by deep space Federation vessels means that intelligence gathered is somewhat sparce.

The Nelala function with First Maje Nokekta at its head. He seems to be fairly popular amongst his followers as no widespread dissent or desires to remove him have been noted.

The first, and last, interaction with the Kazon-Nelala occurred on Stardate 150912 by the USS Bozeman. They crossed through Kotaba Sector, Blcok 029G and were immediately warned that continuing on their course would lead to immediate attack.

After some discussion the Bozeman decided it would be better to veer away from the Nelala held territory rather than risk attack.

Sensor readings taken at the time revealed a flotilla of over sixty vessels ranging insize from scout to battle cruisers. While it is doubtful that this array of ships could stand against the entire might of the Federation in the Delta Quadrant, the USS Bozeman was sorely outclassed.

The result of this encounter only serves to prove that the Kazon-Nelala are as isolationist and aggressive as other Kazon factions that have been encountered previously. As is always the case, it is better to avoid them unless there is no other choice.


  • Classification: Aggressive Group/Government
  • First Encountered: 2417
  • Location: Syllerran Block, 009K

Probably the most unusual of the Kazon major sects is the Kazon-Nircutt. This sect is universally shunned by the other Kazon sects because its First Maje is a female by the name of Yoshal.

Tucked in the lower quadrant next to the New Romulan Empire, the Kazon-Nircutt have stealthily taken territories along the border for some time. In truth, First Maje Yoshal has proven herself to be not just an able leader but a brilliant tactician compared to the other Maje’s contained in this document. Starting with a minor sect, Yoshal has expanded her influence to three sector blocks, or sixty light years, in total. From all accounts she is fair to her followers regardless of gender and as such as earned a great deal of admiration and respect from other Kazons and even the Romulans.

The true power of the Nircutt comes from Yoshal, meaning her death will likely throw the sect into chaos. However, at this time, they are a force to be reckoned with. As Yoshal knows that her hold on the territories occurs, in part, due to her being a buffer between the Romulans and Federaton held territories, she is careful to follow border and treaty obligations with both of them. That being said, attacks by Yoshal onthe unaligned Zahl and on other Kazon sects are not unheard of.

This wiley, highly intelligent, and tactically brilliant Kazon Maje is not to be underestimated. While her vessels are substandard compared to Romulan and Federation vessels, she utilizes them skillfully enough to potentially exploit any weaknesses, tactical or otherwise.


  • Classification: Aggressive Group/Government
  • First Encountered: 2372
  • Location: Al Suran Sector Block, 015I

The Kazon-Nistrim were one of the most aggressive and violent Kazon sects, led by First Maje Jal Culluh. The Nistrim were once one of the strongest sects, under the leadership of Culluh's grandfather. Neelix described the Nistrim as the most dangerous branch of the Kazon Collective. However, his descendants proved to be less capable, and the Nistrim waned in strength until by the 2370s they were believed to have fewer than seven ships, making them one of the weakest sects.

The Nistrim were first encountered in 2371 by the USS Voyager. It was with the Nistrim that Ensign Seska of Voyager attempted to illegally trade replicator technology in exchange for an alliance.

The Kazon failed to integrate the technology into their ship, and the resulting explosion killed all but one of their crew. When Seska's actions (and her true identityas a Cardassian) were uncovered, she escaped to Maje Culluh's ship. Seska became Culluh's consort and closest advisor, her knowledge of Voyager and its systems proving invaluable to the Nistrim's efforts to capture the starship.

In 2372, the Ogla Kar compared the arrival of the USS Voyager – "showing off your uniforms and displaying the markings of your Federation with no respect" – to that of the previous encroachments on Kazon-Ogla space made by the Nistrimand the Relora.

Later that year, Seska devised a plan for the Nistrim to board Voyager and steal a transporter module. Culluh and Seska hoped that the technology would allow them to form a coalition amongst the other weaker Kazon sects, such as the Kazon-Hobii, Kazon-Mostral, and the Kazon-Oglamar. The alliance never materialized after the module was destroyed by Commander Chakotay.

Later that year, further Kazon attacks on Voyager forced Captain Kathryn Janeway to propose an alliance with the Nistrim. Although Seska was amenable, Culluh's refusal to speak on equal terms with a woman abruptly ended these negotiations. Culluh subsequently attended the disastrous conference on Sobras with several other Kazon sects, Janeway, and the Trabe.

While Voyager was in contact with the Trabe, its engineer Michael Jonas secretly contacted the Nistrim, attempting to negotiate safe passage for Voyager in return for delivering information and technology. Seska convinced Jonas to sabotage the ship's warp coils, which would lead to a Nistrim ambush in the Hemikek system. Jonas did as she asked, but their planned trap was discovered by Lieutenant Tom Paris. Jonas was killed while attempting to sabotage Voyager's weapons in a battle with a Nistrim vessel.

The Nistrim's final attempt to capture Voyager took place at the end of 2372, when Seska sent a message to Chakotay informing him that their child was in danger. Investigating the signal, Voyager picked up Teirna, one of Seska's subordinates, who then maneuvered them into a trap involving a large Nistrim fleet. During the battle, Teirna detonated an explosive hidden inside his body, causing substantial damage to Voyager and allowing the Nistrim to take Voyager. The Kazon stranded the crew on Hanon IV. The ship was eventually retaken by Paris, with assistance from Talaxian forces and the EMH and Lon Suder inside the ship.

Since the establishment of the Federation in Pinastri, the Kazon-Nistrim have waned somewhat in power. The death of First-Maje Jal Culluh in 2388 threw the Nistrim into internal conflicts and almost civil war. Over time, First-Maje Foala took over, but failed to consolodate his leadership in the way that Culluh had. As a result, the Nistrim currently gives a wide berth to The Federation and Starfleet, still possessing the largest fleet of ships but with aging and obsolete technology. While it would be easy to assume they are of little threat, one should never count out the Nistrim as rumours have begun to surface that Culluh’s son is priming to take over leadership and apparently is similar to his father in attitude and ability.

Source - Memory Alpha. (n.d.). Kazon-Nistrim. Memory Alpha. Retrieved November 24, 2022, from [2]


  • Classification: Aggressive Group/Government
  • First Encountered: 2371
  • Location: Kotaba Sector, Block 022F

Members of the Kazon-Ogla settlement on the Ocampa planet tried to seize control of the Caretaker’s array in 2371, but were prevented from doing so when USS Voyager destroyed the Array. It was at this point that Federation Members learned that Kazon males must kill an enemy in battle as a rite of passage to learn their Ogla name. This is a rite that seems widepsread amongst the Kazon.

Representatives of the Kazon-Ogla did not attend the disasterous peace conference in 2372 arragned by the Trabe and USS Voyager.

It should be noted that the Kzem cult was originally formed with a number of the Kazon-Ogla tribe, leading to the Ogla-Kzem. Over time, the Kzem cult expanded accepting more Kazon tribes as well as non-Kazon as well. This destructive cult was lead by a figure calling herself the Morrigan. Attempts by Starfleet to contain the cult resulted in the Kzem using a destructive weapon in the Pirandia system.Taskforce Tarok of Starfleet eventually defeated this grave menace.

Separate from the now defunct Ogla-Kzem, the current First-Maje of the Kazon-Oglais Rosisp and he continues to avoid contact with the Federation. Likely due to early contact with Federation forces where the Ogla were easily outmatched and beaten, the Ogla keeps to their sectors of space, where it is said they rule with an iron fist. Setting up the equivalent of a ‘neutral zone’ the Ogla patrol their area of space regularly and either take tribute or destroy those who wish to enter. As a result, very little information about the Ogla are known after their initial meeting with USS Voyager.

Source: Okuda, M., & Okuda, D. (1999). Kazon-Ogla. In The star trek encyclopedia: Areference guide to the future (pp. 234–234). excerpt, Pocket books.


  • Classification: Aggressive Group/Government
  • First Encountered: 2372
  • Location: Markonia Sector Block, 045L

The Kazon-Oglamar were first introduced to the Federation in 2372 when their First-Maje Jal Valek, along with numerous other Kazon leaders, was nearly killed when a peace conference organized by Trabe and Federation forces proved to be a trap.

Since that time there has been no contact with the Oglamar, although current intelligence suggests that the current First-Maje of the Oglamar is Kal Valek, the son of Jal. He retains the deep seated distrust and hated of his father, caused by the assassination attempt 50 years ago. As there has been no contact with the Oglamar it is difficult to guage their current technological and power levels. It is undoubtful, however, that some contact will occur at some point with Starfleet regularly pushing their boundaries farther and father outside of Pinastri space.

Source: Okuda, M., & Okuda, D. (1999). Kazon-Oglamar. In The star trek encyclopedia: Areference guide to the future (pp. 234–234). excerpt, Pocket books.


  • Classification: Mercantile Group/Government
  • First Encountered: 2415
  • Location: Markonia Sector Block, 048H

Originally an offshoot of the Kazon-Oglamar, the Kazon-Olgzel have grown froma rump sect to one of the largest and most powerful in their part of space. Putting aside their hatred with the Federation and the Trabe, the Olgzel have become a huge trading entity in the Markonia Sector.

After the failed attempt by the Trabe that involved Voyager, the Oglamar became more inward, isolated and mistrustful. Several Oglamar members saw this as weakening their potential for expansion and riches. As a result, they began to consolodate power to break away from the Oglamar, succeeding in secession and placing First Maje Barut into power in the newly minted Olgzel sect.

Since that time, the Kazon-Olgzel has become a huge trading entity which does not particularly care who they trade with as long as profit is made. Riches have meant territorial gains as well as technological advancements for the Olgzel. In fact, the Trabe has publicly said that they are the only ‘civilized’ Kazon sect. This has earned them the hatred of the other sects who will happily attack the Olgzel on sight. It is known by Starfleet Intelligence that several contracts have been placed on First Maje Barut at this time.

The Federation does trade for some necessary goods with the Olgzel, but they are wary of them as their government is still repressive and not known for treating prisoners it takes kindly.


  • Classification: Aggressive Group/Government
  • First Encountered: 2372
  • Location: Kotaba Sector, Block 024K

First encountered at the disasterous peace summit of 2372 by Captain Janeway and USS Voyager, First-Maje Minnis of the Pommar, along with other Kazon leaders, was invited to a peace conference on the planet Sobras organized by USS Voyager and the Trabe leader Mabus. The meeting proved to be a trap by Mabus to exterminate the Kazon, although no lives were ultimately lost. This act destroyed any possibility of diplomatic solution between the Federation and the Kazon-Pommar.

Currently, the Pommar are led by First-Maje Yarka who bested Minnis in combat in 2391, taking his title fromhim. Yarka, according to recent intelligence reports, has become paranoid in the intervening thirty years believing that he will soon suffer the same fate.

This has caused him to become increasingly reclusive and rule in an extreme manner. It is doubtful that Yarka will stay in power much longer as he creates situations that will make his destruction self-fulfilling. Contact should be made immediately following a power shift in hopes of creating some kind of working alliance between the Federation and the Pommar.

Source: Okuda, M., & Okuda, D. (1999). Kazon-Pommar. In The star trek encyclopedia: Areference guide to the future (pp. 234–234). excerpt, Pocket books.


  • Classification: Aggressive Group/Government
  • First Encountered: 2372
  • Location: Devore Sector Block, 035B

The Kazon-Relora are blood enemies of the Kazon-Nistrim. The Relora had many ships and were regarded as one of the most power of the Kazon sects. In 2372 the Relora were led by First-Maje Jal Haron, until stardate 49206, when Haron was killed by Jal Culluh of the Nistrim. Representatives of the Relora did not attend the disasterous peace conference of 2372 arranged by the Trabe and Federation.

As time has passed the hatred of the Relora for the Nistrim has only deepened as has their mistrust for the Federation after hearing about the events of the peace conference. This has lead to an increasingly xenophobic Kazon-Relora, who tend to hold their areas of space and destroy anyone upon entering. Devore Sector Block 035Bis seenas one of the most dangerous areas of space in the Delta Quadrant by many spacefaring races.

It is believed that the Relora are buying technology from the Kazon-Edozuk, meaning that the Edozuk are double dealing, working with both the Relora and Nistrim. If true, this could cause a major conflict between the sects involved.

The name of the Relora First-Maje is currently unknown as since the death of Haron, the Relora has kept the name of their FIrst-Maje protected and secret.

Source: Okuda, M., & Okuda, D. (1999). Kazon-Relora. In The star trek encyclopedia: Areference guide to the future (pp. 234–234). excerpt, Pocket books.


  • Classification: Aggressive Group/Government
  • First Encountered: 2422
  • Location: Syllerran Block, 010E

Straddling the border between the Former Borg held territories and the Federation stands the Kazon-Ulgath. This highly aggressive group is the stereotypical Kazon tribe. While other Kazon sects have advanced and changed to meet twenty-fifth century realities, the Kazon-Ulgath remain, essentially, pirates. Using brute force in large groups, they track down larger ships, board them and strip them of useful technology. This has lead both the Romulans and the Federation to send groups in to destroy parts of their fleet to warn them off of their assets in several instances. Still, they remain a pest to the Federation and the Romulans and a true threat to species that are less technologically advanced.

The Kazon-Ulgath are headed by First Maje Opola who sees no reason to move away from the methods of the past. In fact, it is not unheard of for disgruntled conservative Kazon from other sects to join Ulgath in hopes of ‘maintaining their glories of the past’.

A Kazon-Ulgath can hope to live a life of squalor and danger as they frequently invite attack upon themselves through their outdated modus operandi. There have been plans to remove the Ulgath from the playing field numerous times by both Federation and Romulan assets, but like any cockroach, the Kazon-Ulgath prove themselves to be more than a little difficult to eradicate. There seems litte doubt that this outdated and dangerous sect will continue to propagate itself in the future, even while other sects are advancing and modernizing.