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The Division Head is the commanding officer of a division; an integral part of a branch. Among several responsibilities, the Division Head is responsible for assisting the Branch Commander with management of roster, periodical review of the divisional classes offered by UFS Academy, delegating activities to subordinate division members, and reporting to the Branch Commander.


  • Responsible for maintaining and assigning intelligence personnel to starships, stations, and facilities within the United Federation Starfleet. Answers directly to the Vice Branch Commander, (Operations). Manages the College of Intelligence Studies curriculum and training programs. Manages the Sector ACE and the Mobile Intelligence Support Team (MIST).




  • Introduction to UF Starfleet
  • Protocols and Procedures
  • History of UFS I
  • History of UFS II
  • Introduction to the United Federation of Planets
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • UFS Ethics
  • Introduction to Leadership


  • Bridge Duty Stations
  • Federation Law
  • Orders and Directives

Suggestions (Not Required)

  • Introduction to UFS Operations
  • Introduction to UFS Communications
  • Communications Officer (if applicable per branch)
  • Helmsman Operations (if applicable per branch)
  • Transporter Certification
  • History of Starships I
  • History of Starships II
  • Command Protocols: Starship and Starbase Command I
  • Operations Officer (to be developed) (if applicable per branch)
  • Prime Directive I
  • Prime Directive II
  • Groundschool (if applicable per branch)
  • Flight 101 (if applicable per branch)
  • Workbee Operations (if applicable per branch)



  • Sim Training - 4hrs minimum


  • Sim Training - 15 hrs minimum

Suggestions (Not Required)


Minimum Rank

Division Head: Lieutenant

Vice Division Head: Lieutenant JG