Iconian Languages

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The Iconian language family consists of three languages: Dewan, Dinasian, and Iccobar. All three are descended from the language of the ancient Iconians, and share certain similarities in simple words. In 2365, Lieutenant Commander Data derived a rudimentary translation of original Iconian from a comparing words such as "mother", "father", "food", "death", "child", "home", "tribe", "pain", "love", "mine", "yours" and "ours", in those three languages.

The following examples of Iconian are from the computer in a gateway control station on Iconia:

"Kandar se, kandar ere, kandar more, kandar sete, kandar ne, kandar qetar, kandar jet, kandar piqe..."

This line was a countdown of some sort for an Iconian probe launch, spoken before the facility was destroyed. The exact translation is not known.