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How to Play an Intelligence Officer/Enlisted Member

The Intelligence Officer or Enlisted Member is always aware of his surroundings. The things that most would take for granted can be plain-as-day indicators of something big. The mind of an Intelligence Officer is geared to pick out tick out that not only are flocks of birds, schools of fish, and/or herds of pack animals moving in one direction, but the time of day, the season of the year, the directions and rates of travel are even more important. Whether the animals are taking the time to bring their young along, or leave them to the wayside to be trampled by the others is also a crucial detail.
But the Intelligence Officer isn't just a zoologist observing the behaviors of animals. The Intelligence Officer must also observe people, technology, economies, governments, and celestial bodies in the same manner. The Intelligence Officer must interpret these clues using the fasted computer known throughout the galaxy; the brain. But knowing this information alone does not equate Intelligence. The Intelligence Officer must be able to provide the impact that these conditions would have on any Starfleet action, or the lack thereof.
Intelligence Officers may serve in United Federation Starfleet as a reports analyst and briefer, or as an information collector. This information collector is called an Infiltration Specialist and serves under the Expeditionary Intelligence Directorate in one of the Departments known as a Mobile Intelligence Support Team, or MIST. The teams names, A Mist, B Mist, C Mist, etc. correspond to the work shifts around the clock ((Same as the Cadet Companies)) and may be further broken down as the mission dictates. These MISTs are mostly responsible for gathering information of intelligence value on foreign powers throughout the Delta Quadrant.
The other subdirectorate of Intelligence is called the Internal Affairs and Intelligence Analysis Directorate or I2A2D. The I2A2D is further broken down into two Departments called the Personnel Security Department and the Analysis and Control Element (ACE) and they do most of the paperwork in Intelligence. The Personnel Security Department conducts interviews with all Intelligence personnel as well as those in other positions of trust to help ensure that only the most trustworthy personnel are able to have access to information that disclosure of such would prove most detrimental to the security and interests of United Federation Starfleet, and the United Federation of Planets. The ACE is responsible for analyzing all information collected and making products of this analysis available to the fleet strategists, tacticians, and commanders in order to provide them the most accurate and up to date positions, tactics, and procedures of foreign powers, especially those of threat.
In all cases, the Intelligence Officer is the master of enemy tactics and although Intelligence Officers do not serve on starships or space stations, other than aboard Nimbus, the Intelligence Directorate does have runabout class starships and may temporarily augment the crews of starships for special missions. If such an occasion arises, the Intelligence Officer is best suited to function in the roles of Tactical, Science, or even serve as a Ship's Counselor would when attempting to ascertain whether a perceived threat is hostile and what likely courses of action might be.