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General Data
*Home System: [112.12 LY Trailing Pinastri System, Sector 009F
*Home Planet: Hirnai (Dead World)
*First Contact: 2386, Stardate 110917
*First Contact By: USS Shogun
*Faction: None
*Government: Formerly Democratic Planetary Government
*Violence: Non-violent/allied
*Primary Language: Hirniran
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Animalia
*Scientific Family: Chordata
*Scientific Order: Reptilia (paraphyletic)
*Skin: Green, smooth scaled
*Hair: None
*Eyes: Yellow
*Auditive: Primary vocaliation via larynex
*Emphatic: No
*Telepatic: No
*Intelligence: Sentient
*Genders: Male/Female possible
Other Information
This race was almost completely wiped out by the Hirogen Assembly. Only one survivor has been found.


The crew of USS Shogun encountered a rapidly degrading M-Class planet, which showed signs of anti-matter attack. Upon searching one of the ruined settlements a single survivor was found on the planet, Raglana. Doctor GreyWolf Kuhr, examined Raglana and discovered that she had advanced healing properties. As she was rescued the atmosphere and planet environment continued to degrade until it was clear that the planet could not be inhabited. As a result Captain Ulrich Bechir took Raglana onboard and gave her quarters. It is hoped that more can be learned of her species through time.



The HIrnir were a peaceful and democratic culture. They were technologically advanced and warp capable. This species had a complex family system as well as a world government, religious systems and advanced communication.


Roughly equivalent to current Federation technology.


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Authored by Ulrich Bechir, Stardate 110924