Group and SIM Rules

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The following rules apply while at any UFS Soil and while wearing the UF Starfleet Uniform. Failure to comply to these rules can vary from a verbal reprimand to removal from UF Starfleet and a complaint filed with Linden Labs.

  1. No Griefing. This rule is applicable to any member at any time you are wearing your UF Starfleet uniform at any sim or location. You are our representative in those situations and we hope you act like an officer should. Please be aware that even if you do not wear your starfleet uniform you are still a representative of you should act like that at all times
  2. Decorum: appropriate behavior, speech, dress codes observed as follows
    • Behavior: politeness and courtesy towards other individuals, including visitors and potential new members.
    • Dress code: UF Starfleet uniforms, including UF Starfleet Academy Cadets. When out of uniforms minimum attire for males is shorts; for females, bikinis
    • Speech: no foul language
  3. Guns/Weapons: must remain holstered and secured at all times unless actively participating in a sim in the RP Area or at Weapons Range.
  4. No Cheating: during group events, gadgets used for shielding, flying, teleporting are not allowed
  5. No Trespassing : entering occupied housing units around the SIM without the presence of the renter or a member of the sim administration is not allowed and will be subject to disciplinary action.
  6. No Eavesdropping : The use of such devices as well as recording devices are not allowed and action will be taken against its owner, unless the use has been authorized by Admiralty.
  7. Air/Spacecraft Maneuvering : responsible maneuvering of any craft is recommended AT ALL times. Consult the owner's manual for your craft previous to using it in order to prevent unecessary collisions.
  8. No Littering : Personal objects should be taken back to your inventory when not in use. Objects being used by the group should be deeded to the administration of the land group (see Engineering for details).High prim objects should be authorized by Admiralty before their use. Offices assigned to designated Personnel should keep their prim count to a minumum.
  9. Comply with the posted Sandbox Rules.
  10. Comply with the Officers Code of Conduct at any time you are wearing an UF Starfleet or representing the group. A copy of this can be found here.