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Project Zuthera Information

Zuthera is United Federation Starfleet's Global Security Network Created By LtCmdr. Jeffery Biedermann.

The GSN also provides Alert systems all over the UFS Sim. When Touched, a Menu will apper asking the person who Touched it if they would like to Trigger the alarm, They have two Options

  • Yes
  • No

If said person Presses yes, It will trigger the alarm and send it to all Security officers on SL, Logged in or Not. If said person presses No, The alarm will not trigger and no Notice will be sent to security officers.

Project Zuthera (Reversion v2.5) Information

New System Being Built By LtCmdr. Jeffery Biedermann
Project Details:
New Security Only Hud (Will be vamped with new Secure Security Channel)
New Alarm Style (With Time out on the menu)
New Deck By Deck Alarm System (for the Stations)
New Flare System (will use a Red partical beam to show which alarm was triggered)
New Flare System Shut Down (Button where only Security or 001 can shut off the flare)
New "At Risk" Menu option (will alert security if there might be a problem or a possible attack might happen)

Emergency IM To Security Posts

Security Posts are Placed around the Whole Sim Including:

  • Welcome Center
  • Phoenix
  • Market Place (Vendors)
  • Volcano
  • Beach
  • Roddenberry Tower
  • Tranquility Station Transporter Room
  • Athena Station

At anytime that any member or guest Requires Help from an attack, This system can be used.

Please Note

Any Guest/Member Found to be triggering the Alarms for No Reason, Will be Dealt With, and could face Temporary Ban, or Temporary Suspension. Please Note that your full name is reported with the alert. THE SECURITY ALARM SYSTEM IS NOT A TOY.

Updates & Add On's

At this Time there are no planned updates for the HUD or any add on's to the Combadge HUD. If any Updates or add on's are to be added to Zuthera, Please Contact Lt.Jeffery Biedermann in writing to be Granted Permission to Do so.