Genesis Colony

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Genesis Colony
Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it. - Rumi
*Class: Federation Colony
*Faction: Starfleet
*Operational Status: Active
Design Specifications
*Type: Planetary Base
*Hull Composition: Duranium/Tritanium Based
Designed Capacities
Tactical Systems
*Defenses: Task Force 3
Engineering Specifications
Senior Staff
*Commander: Osky Oldrich
*Executive Officer: Katherine Dreamscape
*Chief Engineer: Vacant
*Chief of Security: Vacant
*Chief Medical Officer: Vacant
*Chief of Operations: Vacant
*Chief Science Officer: EvergreenMoss Resident
*Chief Tactical Officer: Vacant
Extra Ship Information
Ship Logo
Genesis logo alpha v 1.2.png


Early in 2388 Starfleet dispatched a wave of research vessels to explore the borders of known space in the Beta Quadrant. Early in its mission of exploration the USS XXXXXXXXXX a XXXXXX Class vessel detected an unknown system missed by previous probes. Long range scans detected at least one habitable planet and they changed course to investigate. Upon entering orbit of the planet the ship picked up mysterious readings from and object crossing the planet's horizon. It was an unknown material, and after changing course to investigate the crew determined it to be a space station that seemed to be powered down.

Description of away mission and station

Deciding that a permanent outpost was needed for the new exploration initiative into the Beta Quadrant Starfleet Command ordered the foundation of Genesis Colony on the planet's surface and the activation of the alien space station and retrofit it for use in Starfleet. The station was christened SS Cassini and placed under the command of renowned explorer Fleet Captain Nabuleone Rhode. His orders are to support the colony as it grows and to further investigate the space station and attempt to learn who built it.

Starfleet Command assigned Fleet Captain Osky Oldrich to construct the colony as well as its support facilities. Following its official activation Captain Oldrich was made Colony Commander.

Starfleet assigned Task Force 3 from the first fleet to be stationed at Genesis to support its mission. Among the ships transferred was the USS Taylorholic Durant which is the Flagship of UF Starfleet.

Constructed from the yards placed in geosynchronous orbit the USS Carpathia was completed and to be assigned deep space exploration.

Colony Staff

Colony Staff
Colony Commander R-o7.png Osky Oldrich
Vice Colony Commander T-o1.png Katherine Dreamscape
Colony Chief - Engineering Y-blank.png Vacant
Colony Chief - Operations Y-blank.png Vacant
Colony Chief - Security Y-blank.png Vacant
Colony Chief - Science C-o1.png EvergreenMoss Resident
Colony Chief - Medical T-blank.png Vacant
Colony Chief - Intelligence W-blank.png Vacant
Colony Campus Director T-blank.png Vacant


Colony Missions