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Fatima's World (Fatima III)
General Data
*Class: Class M (Terrestrial)
*Type: Planet
*Satellites: None
*Location: Midgar Sector, Delta Quadrant
*Star System: Fatima Star System
*Species of Note:Pre-Warp Humanoids
*Faction Affiliation: Non-aligned
Discovered by the USS Sheppard on Stardate 100801

Planetary Statistics

  • classification: Class M
  • distance from sun: 1.0 AU
  • diameter: 11,000 km
  • gravity: N/A
  • atmosphere: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Trace Elements.
  • weather system: Mild storm fronts, comparible with Earth's weather patterns.
  • temp.: N/A
  • surface: Large amounts of vegetation detected outside of populated areas which are industrially active.
  • lifeforms: Pre-warp Humanoids.
  • tech. level: 19th Century
  • specials: None

General Overview

The survey logs of the USS Sheppard identify Fatima's world as a Class M planet that is situated in the Midgar Sector. The society that exists on the planet seems to be in an age compariable to the Victorian (late 18th/early 20th century) period. This planet was discovered by the USS Sheppard on 100801 and since then United Federation Starfleet has sent an advanced cloaked scientific probe called the SBP "Josiane" to moniter the area. Fatima's World holds rich corvite deposits which have been located beneath the surface. Atmospheric pollution is at a minimum due to the introduction of the industrial age. The planet has many areas of natural botanical and zoological wildlife outside of the main cities that seem to align near the Northern sub-continent. There is evidence of a diverse and numourous botanical growth however due the covert nature of missions there due to a pre-warp civilisation, a sufficent botanical survey has not been dispatched to analyse specific plant life. Scans conducted by the USS Sheppard shows some evidence of animal life however no further information is avaliable.

Supplemental Logs