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My application for the UFS Academy has been approved. Now what?

Collect your UFS Cadet Uniform kit from the Supply Deck at Tranquility Station. To get to the Station from the main transporter at Pathfinder Research Facility (Welcome Center), touch the transporter pad and choose Tranquility. Once at the station, take the turbolift to the Supply Deck. Wear your UFS Academy group tag and collect the available material for cadets. Make sure that you are aware of, and follow, the UFS Uniform Policy. For more information or if you need help, contact your Cadet Company Commander.

I do not speak English well. Are Academy courses given in my language?

Unfortunately all UFS content, Role Plays (RPs), documentation and interactions are in Federation Common (English). Since we have members from all over the world representing many different languages, we do not have the resources to reliably translate our content to other languages. This Wiki currently has 2,670 articles. There are over 100 Academy classes and dozens of forms and documents. We choose to put our energy into making the best content we can in one language.

I want more information about UFS. Where can I find it?

The United Federation Starfleet Membership handbook holds most of the information every member, new and old, will need to learn about UFS policies.<BR\>

The Membership Handbook (MHB) can be found at this link: United Federation Starfleet Membership Handbook

What is this Wiki I keep hearing about?

You are reading the Wiki right now!!! Our Wiki is just like http://www.wikipedia.org except it contains information about United Federation Starfleet.<BR\>

From the Main Page you can navigate to all of the articles in the Wiki. You can also find anything directly by typing any word or words into the SEARCH box and then clicking GO at the top right side of this page.

What is the forum and how do I use it?

The forum is a web application that allows us to have conversations and debate over time. It also lets us make announcements in a way that people can see, even if they can't get in world.<BR\>

To access our forum, click the FORUM link from the menu on the left of the main web site at http://www.ufstarfleet.org.

I want to attend UFS Academy Classes. Where can I find the schedule?

You can find the schedule on the main web site at: http://www.ufstarfleet.org/page.php?16.<BR\> (or click on the SCHEDULE link in the academy menu to the left of the page)

Class changes and cancellations are posted here. Check the schedule one hour before your class for the most current information. If the class you would like to attend is not available at a convenient time, contact your Cadet Company Commander.

Do I have to salute higher ranked officers?

Saluting a superior officer in the real life military is a sign of respect and recognition of their higher rank. HOWEVER, as a UF Starfleet cadet you are NOT required to salute. Once you have graduated, if you choose to be a Marine, you will be required to salute only your superior Marine officers when OUTDOORS and under cover (wearing a hat). <BR\><BR\>

Not convinced? <BR\><BR\> Have you ever seen Captain Kirk or Captain Picard or any other Starfleet officer saluted by their subordinate officers?<BR\><BR\> Still not convinced? Follow these steps:

Now you understand why Starfleet Officers do not salute.

What is Chain-of-Command? Do I have to follow it?

The Chain-of-Command is the system used to relay orders from the top down to you as a Cadet. It is the line of authority and responsibility which orders are passed within a military unit and between different units. The Chain-of-Command works both ways. If you have any problems, issues, concerns, or suggestions you can turn to your leader who will either help you or refer you up the chain-of-command. Your first level of chain-of-command is your Cadet Company Commander. And yes... you DO have to follow it :)

Can I use the sandbox?

You are allowed to use the UFS Sandbox once you enter Period 3 of your UFS Academy Training. Please follow all of the rules posted on the sign by the Sandbox Transporter Pad. Make sure that you remove your builds before you leave the sandbox. You must be in the Sandbox with your build and not AFK. Items left unattended will be returned by Security. (Even if it messes up your build! You have been warned!!!)

What is a Transfer Request? Why do I have to do it?

The Transfer Request is a document which will allows us to inform other members of the group and your superior officers, when you move from one Branch to another at United Federation Starfleet. It is IMPERATIVE that you send your Transfer Request to the Academy Vice-Commandant so you will be assigned to the correct Branch for your last Period at the UFS Academy.

We use Transfer Requests so all the levels of the Chain-of-Command are aware of what is happening within their staff rosters. In your case, the Academy Superintendent authorizes your transfer from the Academy to your new Branch. Your new Branch Commander is also notified and will contact you once you graduate.

Are there Group and Sim Rules? Do I have to follow them?

Yes, we do have Group and Sim rules that must be followed. Read them here. It is the responsibility of every UFS member to know the SIM rules.

How do I serve on a starship?

First of all, graduate and choose your Branch. You should join the Branch that corresponds to the position you would like to be serving on, for example, if you want to be an engineer aboard a Starship, you need to join the Engineering Branch and request assignment to a Starship. Each Branch may have some requirements you must meet to serve certain positions on a Starship. For instance, extra training from the college of Medicine might be a requirement to be the Chief Medical Officer on a Starship. Talk to your Branch Head and importantly, contact the Captains of our Ships of the Line about open positions.

How can I stay in touch with my UFS friends when I am not in world?

The two main methods we use to stay in touch are our forums (see above faq) and via IRC

What is the most important thing I need to know?

Be polite, respectful and patient. Enjoy your time in the Academy. The Academy exists so that you can learn how to be a contributing member to our group. Don't rush it. We promise it will be a good memory when you are done. And most of all, HAVE FUN!

Where can I find out about roleplaying at UFS?

First of all ask people. However a comprehensive information on what roleplaying at UFS entails can be found in the UFS Playbook