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General Data
*Home System: [Equus
*Home Planet: Equestria
*First Contact: 821022
*First Contact By: Captain T'Kluus, USS Bravon
*Faction: Independant
*Government: Voted Council
*Violence: Very Calm, also very closed towards other species and fractions
*Primary Language: Body language and spoken word, can learn other verbal languages if required in a short amount of time
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Equiener Equus
*Scientific Family: Herbivore
*Scientific Order: Bi-Pedal
*Skin: Skin is of multiple colors depending on family and region, skin is covered by fur all over the body in multiple colors not unlike the species of the horse of pony on the planet earth
*Hair: Any natural color is possible and comes up. A more unusual color is silver-gray
*Eyes: Globe-shapes eye, colors range from brown over blue, green, gray to amber
*Auditive: Body language & Standard Auditory Communication
*Emphatic: No
*Telepatic: No
*Intelligence: High IQ in average of 270-300
*Genders: 2, Male and Female
Other Information
The Equiner live together in big families and usually do not leave those bonds during their lives. Sometimes two families link together by marriage or vote. A very strong sense of belonging towards those families and relatives is a common trait for the Equiner.


The Equiner are a very, very old species. Their origins are in a star system called the Equus system. Equus is the name of the blue star in the center of the system. It is roughly 1800 times the size of the sun in the Sol system and is considered a blue giant. The system has 39 planets total and most of them are circled by at least one moon. The planet the Equiner developed on is called Equestria and is the 6th planet of the system.

Equestria has a very dense iron core which produces a gravitational pull of 3.3 times Earth standard. This causes the species of the Equiner to grow tall and massive to be able to withstand the gravitation and still be able to move and survive on the planet. The usual height for an average Equiner is 2.65meters and the average weight under Earth gravitation would be roughly around 300kg. To counteract the low gravity on other worlds many Equiners wear a personal graviton generator. This generator creates a gravitational field around their bodies of their normal 3.3G. The Equiner developed from a four-legged species similar to the horse on planet Earth. Eventually they evolved the upright stand common to many sentient species. In addition, sophisticated brains development allowed them to become the dominant species on the planet. In the early years of their evolution they lived as nomads in large family groups called herds. These herds were led by an older and experienced female, the Leader, and her male protector, the Shire. Offspring were protected by the group, not just the biological parents. The average time for a female to carry a child is 11 months. A female Equiner could give birth to a child every 12 months and this was common in pre-history which was quite normal in the early ages of their evolutionary development. This helped to grow the population and also ensured survival.

Even though the Equiner have fully developed vocal cords their preferred method of communication in day-to-day conversations is through body language. It takes an Equiner some time to become used to using just a verbal form of communication. This can be a source of frustration for participants from worlds using primarily verbal forms of communication and also the Equiner not yet comfortable with a more verbal method of communication.

Today a normal couple has between 1 and 4 children during their lives. Equiner offspring take quite a while to develop into fully grown and matured adults. The average is 30 years, one of the highest among species presently known. This extended time period gives children and adolescents the time they need to learn and develop the skills and habits needed to become a valuable member of the society. The average lifespan of an Equiner is 386 years on their planet, or 521 Earth years.

They have two arms with 4 fingers and an opposable thumb just like many sentient species, but their “feet” resemble an equine hoof. The hoof needs to be trimmed from time to time. They usually do not wear shoes or boots but these types of protective devices are available should the need arise, such as for space suits.

The Equiner have a very high metabolism and are in need of a very rich diet of about 12-15 pounds of food per day. Under normal circumstances a grown Equiner will begin to exhibit extreme stress if without solid, vegetable food for over 36 hours. In addition, the Equiner is in need of 7 to 8 gallons of water per day. Under hard work or stress these amounts may need to be tripled. One of the more fun facts about the Equiner is that their metabolism does not react to alcohol of any kind. Their metabolism breaks down alcohol molecules quickly and the compound does not affect their brain or body. For example, Klingon bloodwine has no other effect then a club soda. However, they do have a native drink that can produce a state of intoxication. This is called “theine” and is similar to the compounds in many teas. For example, the tea known as earl gray would produce a state of intoxication for an Equiner if sufficient were drunk.


The USS Bravon was on a routine exploration mission when she stumbled across the Equus system by accident when her left warp nacelle over heated and she was forced to drop out of her warp field.

Against their usually behavior of locking down their system with a giant energy field the Equiner render aid to the Bravon after they detected a possible warp core breach. Since then not many further contacts have been established by the Equiner and only one member of the species is known to have joined the Federation.


In the beginning of its modern society, there were several hundred sovereign countries on the planet. This is a common stage of development for most civilizations in the known universe. These countries fought wars over religious and resources. Different countries hated members of other countries. The conflicts grew more devastating with the development of advanced weaponry and nearly led to the extinction of the species in a global war in which even thermonuclear weapons were used. Fortunately, the population recovered from that devastating period and emerged into a new age of thinking and awareness. Today, the herds celebrate the things they have in common. Religious conflicts have been outgrown as science explained more and more about the why and how. The planet does have what is classified as a religious heritage but it not the organized religions has developed, for example, on Earth. Some people believe in a higher power that consists of a very highly evolved species which gave up its physical body to exist on a higher plane. Freedom of belief is one of the highest values in the Equestrian society and noone would try to force anyone to believe something agains their will.

According to their philosophy, they have reached a phase of perfect health and harmony and do not see the need for further technological development in their lives. Today, most families live again in big herd. Each herd is semi-separated from the rest of the population. Individuals live in large buildings and a single “building” can actually be the size of a small city. Everyone who lives in the building is somehow related to the rest of the people in that building. Each building consists of multiple attached and connected structures containing everything needed for comfortable living. Children are still cared for by everyone in the herd and still grew up in a very protected environment, well cared for by their parents and their extended family.


During its Empire time, the Equiner advanced technologically. To name a few of their advancements, they had personal protection shields which could withstand explosions and the fire of at least 4 phaser III rifles for over half an hour before they would overload. They also passed personal cloaking technology. One of their biggest advantages in weaponry was without any doubt, the Telemo-Canon. This canon can “beam” a bomb over long distances into another vessel or station through the 5th dimension. No known shield in the Federation would have been able to protect a vessel from one of these weapons if fired. A bomb can travel over 15 million km through this 5th dimension in practically zero time. This is the weapon that is the basis for the rise of the Equestrian Empire and its ability to conquer so many systems in such a short time. This weapon also is an excellent defensive weapon and prevents the taking of heavy losses in a battle. Empire ships were built as spheres with a very strong hull armor and three sets of shields. The biggest ship was 3200 meters in diameter and had a large ring around the middle holding the engines. Those ships were able to make the jump between the Milky Way and Andromeda in less than 4 weeks. This allowed the Equiner to travel to neighboring galaxies for research and diplomatic missions.

The Equiner no longer have a fleet. To travel in their own system they use giant transporters which work on a principle similar to Federation transporters. Approximately 150 ships are left and serve mostly research or recreational purposes. Everyone who is able to fly a ship can request the usage of one whenever they feel the need for it. The ships are 400 meters in diameter and fully automated and require not more than one person to fly and operate them. Those ships are able to make the jump to the Andromeda galaxy without any trouble. Their system is protected by a giant system of automated weapons platforms and stations which surround it like a loose net. Based on current data, no known species could make its way through that defense system; this includes the Borg or the Dominion.


Keep open lines of communications for times of need as the Equiner, even though they life their life separated from the rest of the Galaxy will not stand by idle while other species are being extinguished by darker forces.