Epsilon Cadet Company

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Fortitudo et Honos - “Strength and honor”
Epsilon Cadet Company
General Data
Branch: UF Starfleet Academy
Fleet Affiliation: Starfleet
Founded: 2381
Status: Active
Location: Location.
Homebase: SS Alexandria
Division Staff
Division Head: Karlflo Resident
Vice Division Head: Vacant
Division Structure
Departments under this Division

Epsilon Cadet Company covers areas like Australia, Thailand, Singapore, and other like areas which are diverse with many cultures. Being so far out from the rest of the UFS family, due to time zone differences, Epsilon Company has become a tight knit family in its own.

Current Support

Sector 002

  • Company Commander
  • Company Executive Officer

Sector 004

  • Company Commander
  • Company Executive Officer

Epsilon Uniques

Sector 002

  • Official Epsilon Motto: Fortitudo et Honos - “Strength and honor”
  • Official Epsilon Song: The world is not enough – Garbage
  • Official Epsilon Dance: Fast Swing

Sector 002

  • Official Epsilon Motto:
  • Official Epsilon Song:
  • Official Epsilon Dance:

Epsilon Notes

  • Epsilon’s CCO, CXO and CSO are here for you. We will assist you to ensure that you are successful on all of your UFS endeavors and help you became the best that you can be.
  • Weekly report are not accepted late.
  • All folders and note cards must be titled correctly.
 Note Card: NAME - DATE - TITLE
 Folder: DATE - TITLE - NAME

This file provides historical service records for the Commanding Officer (CO) and First Officer (XO) positions within the UFS Epsilon Cadet Company (Australasia and Asia)

Initiated: 070426

Status: Active

Staff Archive

Epsilon Cadet Company CO

Epsilon Cadet Company XO

Epsilon Cadet Company SO

As of 2386 this position has been removed