Emergency Command Hologram (E.C.H.)

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The concept of an Emergency Command Hologram was developed by the crew of the intrepid class USS Voyager in 2376 to respond to threats facing a sole ship in the Delta quadrant. The ECH possessed information from all major Starfleet strategic and tactical databases and could incorporate them into its plans for controlling the ship.

The Prometheus class starship is equipped with the Emergency Command Hologram that in the event of the ships crew being immobilised, such as the failed hijacking attempt of the USS Prometheus in 2374, the ship would automatically activate the ECH to take control of the ship and bring it safely back to the nearest UFS asset such as a Starbase or starship where control can be handed back to UFS officers. If in a combat situation the ECH is activated, then the ECH will complete combat operations. On the Prometheus Class, each drive section is equipped with its own ECH for Multi-Vector Assault Mode Manoeuvres. The ECH may also, but only when absolutely necessary, destroy the ship to stop it falling into enemy hands.