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General Data
*Home System: [El-Aurian System
*Home Planet: El-Auria
*Government: Unknown
*Violence: Calm
*Primary Language: Federation Standard
Biological Information
*Scientific Family: Humanoid
*Scientific Order: Bi-Pedal
*Emphatic: Limited
*Intelligence: Higher than most humans due to longer life span
*Genders: 2 Male & Female
Other Information

History and Politics

El-Aurians are a humanoid species from El-Aurian system in the Beta Quadrant. They were also known as "Listeners," because of their conversational ability and wisdom, and they apparently had a limited form of empathy. The race was nearly exterminated when the Borg attacked their homeworld in the 2260s, and the surviving El-Aurians scattered across the stars. Two of these survivors were Guinan and Tolian Soran.

Before the Borg attack, the El-Aurians had traveled widely throughout the galaxy. Their general humanoid appearance and listening ability allowed them to blend in on many worlds, including Earth, where they visited in the 19th century (and perhaps earlier).

Society and Technology

El-Aurians prided themselves on being a race of listeners, and appeared to have a form of limited empathic ability. Some used this to help others, acting as advisers or confidants. A few turned their talent to more dubious pursuits, becoming con artists and tricksters, such as Martus Mazur, while Dr. Soran used his abilities to help bring his genocidal plan to re-enter the Nexus to fruition. El-Aurians usually didn't experience difficulties with parents relating to their children, as El-Aurian children were usually good at listening to their parents.

Physiology and Psychology

Externally, the El-Aurians were physically identical to Humans, in structure and even the range of racial phenotypes. El-Aurians had rybo-viroxic-nucleic sequences in their genes (similar to other humanoids, including Humans and Bajorans).

A significant physical difference between Humans and El-Aurians was in the aging process, as the extremely long El-Aurian lifespan covered many centuries. One particular El-Aurian male was known to be a father of an adult when he was around two hundred years old in the 19th century, and to be in virtually perfect health at the age of around seven hundred years old as of the 24th century.

A Devidian temporal vortex suddenly being opened could potentially injure an El-Aurian more than it could a Human, knocking the El-Aurian unconscious and wounding them in such a way that the El-Aurian couldn't walk thereafter unless they received medical treatment. El-Aurians might also suffer from more common physical sensations, such as thirst and tennis elbow.

It is speculated from subjects known to UFS that El-Aurians either require no or little sleep.




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