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General Data
*Home System: [Vaxx System
*Home Planet: Vaxx II
*First Contact: Stardate 090718 - July 9th 2384
*First Contact By: USS Shogun
*Government: Unified collective
*Violence: Medium
*Primary Language: Telepathic, non-verbal
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Effervo
*Scientific Family: Aquatic
*Scientific Order: Liquid Chlorine breathing
*Skin: Various shades of grey and green
*Hair: None
*Eyes: Black, Grey
*Emphatic: Unknown
*Telepatic: Yes, highly advanced
*Intelligence: High
*Genders: 2, Male and Female.
Other Information
Post Warp, Consistant with current Federation Technologies

History and Other Information

Home Position - 143.4 LY Rimward from Pinastri

Effervo were first encountered formally on the Sla'theri station found by USS Shogun on 090718. Evidence of their power and society were found earlier on Vaxx II, on 090711. Communication seems to be achieved through means beyond vocal chords and is near instantaneous suggesting telepathy as a possibility. USS Shogun encountered the Effervo after LT Ulrich Bechir had been abducted during the previous mission. Driven to find the unknown entity, that would be later identified as captive and tortured Effervo, the Shogun found them captive aboard the Sla'theri station.

The Effervo had a sympathetic connection with LT Bechir that had been created during the time of his abduction on Vaxx II. A small amount of Effervo genetic material introduced into his brain had created the link and given Bechir the drive to find the captive Effervo. The Effervo also revealed that they had been in a long war with the Sla'theri and that the Sla'theri were allies with the race that the USS Shogun sought in the Uvalu and Benton-A disasters. They offered information and aid in exchange for the USS Shogun's help repelling the Sla'theri.


Difficult to communicate with, the Effervo seem to be willing to honour their agreements, but only if they have something to gain. Be careful getting too involved in their internal (and external) disputes. They were not entirely as they seem.