Efferva VIII

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Name: Efferva VIII

Position: 145.7 LY Rimward from Pinastri Prime

Class: M

Conditional Notes: This planet is extremely swampy. The water has high levels of naturally occurring base materials and thus is hazardous to the life of most humanoid creatures.

Society Classification: Unknown

Society Government System: Unknown

Date of Contact: 090725

Other Notes:

History and Other Information: USS Shogun arrived at Efferva VIII primarly to place the Effervo who had been taken prisoner by the Sla'theri back home. The crew also had a desire to get access to Effervo data crystals with information on their current long range mission. This planet is heavily infested by Sla'theri who have taken the landform areas during a centuries old war. The Effervo live in the water areas.

Recommendations: The Federation Council needs to fully examine the situation of the Effervo and decide what level of involvement they officially want to have with this culture. Until that is done, it is the recommendation of LT Ulrich Bechir that ships stay clear of Efferva VIII, the Effervo and the Sla'theri.