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General Data
*Home System: [Sector 009H
*Home Planet: Drow
*First Contact: 2412
*First Contact By: Federation
*Faction: Federation
*Government: Matriarchal
*Violence: Aggressive and Xenophobic
*Primary Language: Drow, Federation Standard
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Hominidae Fey
*Scientific Family: Humanoid
*Scientific Order: Bipedal
*Skin: Black, Dark Blue, Gray
*Hair: White
*Eyes: Red, Lavender, Blue, Purple, Amber
*Auditive: Standard Audiroty Communication
*Emphatic: Yes
*Telepatic: Yes
*Intelligence: Very High
*Genders: 2, Male and Female
Other Information


  • Height:

Male: 1.4 Meters

Female: 1.7 Meters

  • Weight:

Male: 40 Kilos Female: 70 Kilos

  • Temperature/Pulse/Respiration: 98/60/15
  • Blood Type: Iron based
  • Blood Pressure: 80/40
  • Life expectancy: 750 yrs
  • Infravision: 120ft
  • Physical Attributes: Tapered ears, athletic build, Sleep by meditative trance(Reverie), infravision, inherent resistance to poison due to generations of breeding for this strength, weakness to bright light
  • Diet:Omnivore, Carnivore, or Herbivore
  • Reproduction: Typical Humanoid though lower fertility rate than Humans
  • Gestation: 1 year
  • Psi Characteristics:

Higher percentage of psi abilities compared to humans but less then Betazoids and Vulcans.

Higher incidences of psi healing ability by touch

Reverie-Instead of sleep the Drow, as other elves, rest in a type of meditative trance

The Drow are a dark-skinned race of elves from the planet Drow in the Delta Quadrant. Due to the extremes that their planet went through after undergoing Chemical warfare it’s classification changed from Class M to Class L. With both extreme temperatures, radiation and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This has caused the race of Drow to adapt to survive. These adaptations are thought to be the reason for the differences in their physiology compared to the elves who fled the planet. The elves that fled are said to be more like the Selelvian Elves in the Alpha Quadrant.


The planet Drow was an M-Class (or Minshara-Class) planet until the Sundering of the Dark and Light elves 10,000 years ago. The Light elves fled the planet while the Dark elves retreated far below.

Now it is an L-Class planet. It has a hot, barren and rocky surface boasting extremely high surface temperatures during the day and freezing at night. The atmosphere is thick with carbon dioxide and corrosive sulfides from the ancient Chemical War. It remains, after this vast amount of time, highly radioactive.

Deep below the surface is a vast subterranean network of interconnecting caverns and tunnels that sprawl beneath the continents of the world above. This is known by the Drow as the Underdark, and no outsider or alien has ever been there, though this policy may change as alliances with other space faring races have begun to take place and trade has been set up.

The Drow have literally carved vast subterranean cities out of the barren rock, and each city has its own individual style. Some are built up from natural calcite or stalagmites that extend up from the bottom of the caverns or built down from the stalactites drooping from above.

The cities that are built among the stalactites have beautifully wrought bridges and lattice-like ladders connecting them to each house among the natural forest of pillars. The buildings in these unusual metropolises below are festooned with phosphorescent paints made from mosses and lichens that are found everywhere below.

Each city in the Underrealm is its own City-State with its own History. The only common theme is that each of them has been founded by the surviving ruling Houses, ten thousand years ago, when the refugee Dark elves fled the surface.

The Sundering is the largest key event that is common to all Drow. It took place 10,000 years ago and separated the race living on Drow into the Light and Dark elves. Even as the War happened so long in the past, it has not been forgotten or forgiven, even now.

There are three main myths as to the reason for the Sundering War, depending if you are speaking with a Dark or Light elf and the personal beliefs of that elf.

The first is the expulsion myth, in which Lloth supposedly approached Corellon Lorethian and proposed the idea of spreading wisdom and skill among the elves so they could hold what they had been given against the more numerous and aggressive races in the galaxy. The story goes that Corellon pretended to accept Lloth's idea but, among the other gods, the Seldarine spoke against it and espoused keeping the status quo. The Seldarine agreed with Corellon, and Lloth in her anger chose the most skilled and able of the elves and taught them the skills necessary for war. Corellon learned of this and in fear taught his own elves these skills as well. Fear and aggression between the two began to grow and Corellon's elves, in fear of the coming war, cried to Corellon that they couldn't tell their own elves from Lloth's. So the Seldarine, hearing their cries, marked Lloth's by changing the color of their skin, eyes and hair. Despite the Dark elves' greater skill, the vast numbers of the Light elves overwhelmed them and drove them underground.

The second myth is one of Exodus where, instead of fighting the Light elves, Lloth led her Dark elves below so that they were the only ones to receive her teaching and blessing. Finally, the third myth states that the combined race began below ground and the Light elves were expelled by the Dark.

To date the fate of the Light elves is unknown to the Dark elves.


The Drow are a matriarchal society, ruled by the females. The males are beaten down and suppressed from the time they are young. They are taught that it is only the females that have the authority and that the males are worthless. Any female has the authority to kill any male for whatever reason she chooses.

A typical City-State is ruled by a Council of Ten Matron Mothers, with the Matron Mother of the First House as Head of the Council. Matron Mothers are made either by heredity or a well performed assassination of the previous Mother. Its success is gauged by there being no physical evidence of the crime, even if it is well known who the perpetrator or perpetrators are. Assassinations and betrayals are an accepted form of ascension in Drow society. Well executed ones are even applauded.

Houses move up the ladder of Drow society in the same way, but in this case it takes an entire House assassination. Again a successful bid is when the entire House is assassinated with no remaining members or, if some are spared (usually for political reasons), they are forced to join the attacking house and swear no vengeance. They also forswear their previous House name and take the name of their new House.

Each House is ruled by the Matron Mother, who also happens to be a High Priestess of the House. All females of the House below her are priestesses as well.

Other than the Council of Mothers, there are three Schools that lend a hand in molding the citizenry of the City. These are the School of Science, the School of Warriors and the Religious School.

The Religious School is usually governed by one of the High Priestesses of the First House. Every female of the city is expected to attend the Religious School whether she is going to be a Priestess or move on into the School of Science.

The School of Science and the School of Warriors are both headed by males. These are two of the highest positions of authority a male can attain in Drow society since in every other aspect the males are governed by the females.

The School of Warriors trains the males for Weapons Mastery, the House Armies or patrol of the tunnels around each city. They are the protection for both the Houses and the City itself.

The School of Science is, as it sounds, dedicated to all branches of the Sciences. And while it does focus on the science of the Underrealm and the Drow's world itself, it also now focuses on space and the objects and races therein.


The Drow has just begun to create its own ships for space exploration and trade but in looking closer at their ships and technology it can easily be seen that it is copied off of the technology from the planets that are closest to it's system showing that it has most likely been salvaged, scavenged or traded from ships that they came in contact with. MILITARY

Each House has a hierarchical guard system for the males. The highest male of the House is usually the Head of the House Guard or the Weapons Master. He is in charge of the House Guard (or Army) and all males are below him in the House, but he is still answerable to the Matron Mother and any other high ranking female of the House. The House Armies are used to protect the Houses and patrol the city and the tunnels surrounding the city.

Every male is required to attend either the Weapons School (another name for the School of Warriors) or the School of Science. Both of these schools are run by a male of high standing. Those and Weapons Master are the highest positions that a male can obtain in Drow Society.

Monetary System

The Drow have their own monetary system but it appears that a lot of the surrounding planetary monetary units and trade are being merged into theirs.


In times past, the Drow race worshiped a goddess named Lloth or Araushnee. Characteristically she was a god of chaos, and the Drow certainly patterned themselves after her. Most depictions of her were in the form of a great spider or half spider/half Drow. This has led to the great reverence that the Drow have for spiders in their many forms, even to this day.

The religion demands that the females be dominant over both the males and other females in a hierarchical structure. At the very top is the Matron Mother of the First House, who is the High Priestess of the City; then would follow the other Matron Mothers as High Priestesses and the females of each House in their order of ascension. All females are required to attend the School of Religion and have a rank in the Priestess structure.

The entire Drow culture is driven by their devotion to Lloth, despite the current disbelief of the general population in the existence of the Goddess. The religious worship of the Drow is very pantheistic in the sense that Lloth is the sole god feared and worshiped by all Drow.

There are also the entities of Ghaunadaur and Vhaeraun, but regardless of how devoted an individual Drow may be in private to these gods, in public the entire worship is centered on Lloth for survival.

Religious practice is not a voluntary activity on Drow, but a daily occurrence enforced by the numerous Drow Priestesses and Matron Mothers of the Houses. They ruthlessly force the worship of Lloth, and failure to participate in the numerous religious rituals can result in the defiant one becoming the next sacrifice to the Goddess. It is rare that this needs to be reinforced as it is such an ingrained principle in the race that the individual Drow, regardless of the strength of their devotion, participates willingly out of reverence and terror.

Today the strict worship of Lloth has waned, though the High Priestess system remains as a way to control the populace.


This species is open for Trade but care must be taken due to their agressive and xenophobic nature.