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General Data
*Faction: Unknown
*Primary Language: Verbal communication
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Dosi
*Scientific Family: Humanoid
*Skin: Humanoid tissue
*Eyes: Different colours
*Auditive: Standard auditory
*Emphatic: Unknown, no evidence to date
*Telepatic: Unknown, no evidence to date
*Intelligence: Unknown
*Genders: 2, Male/Female
Other Information


Natives of the Gamma Quadrant, and known to be in league with the Dominion as allies. Similar to the Ferengi, business and trading is their focus, they are extremely serious about it and can be extremely aggressive in their dealings - to the point of violence.

The Dosi Confederation may on the surface claim to be allied with the Dominion, but in many cases this is lip service only. They focus on their own business and trade, having little to do with the Founders.


There was some intermittent trading between the Dosi and the Tremans over the past decade. More recently a Dosi trader set up business at Astraios. In 2412 a Dosi delegation entered the Astraios Sector. The number of Dosi on Astraios has grown and they are now pressuring the Astraionian Council for a permanent allotment of land to house their businesses and their residences.


As above, the Dosi can be very aggressive in business. Profit has a major importance to them.

The Dosi paint or tattoo their faces, and cover their heads with dark coloured hoods.




Keep a watchful eye on this species. It is recommended that pressure be put on the Astraionian Council to decide against a permanent Dosi settlement on Astraios due to concerns about the Dominion.


Astraios Colony Command Logs

Historian: Poison Toocool