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"Justice, not expedience, must be the guiding light."
Deputy Commander in Chief
General Data
Branch: Command
Fleet Affiliation: UF Starfleet
Founded: 2384
Status: Active
Homebase: Pinastri Headquarters
Division Staff
Division Head: Poison Toocool
*Vice Division Head: Vacant
Chief of STaff: Zania Turner
Division Structure


The Deputy Commander-in-Chief is the second (2nd) highest ranking position in United Federation Starfleet behind the Commander-in-Chief, and is the Vice-Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


Working closely with the Commander-in-Chief and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief is involved in overseeing the daily operations of the fleet. In addition to this, they are responsible for reviewing and updating both the Membership and Leadership manuals. As part of their role, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief also provides oversight in the various departments within the Command Branch. Overall, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief plays a crucial role in ensuring that the Command Branch operates smoothly and efficiently. They help to ensure that all UFS members are meeting the necessary standards and expectations, and that the organization as a whole is functioning effectively.

Below is a list of offices included in the Office of the Deputy Commander-in-Chief within UFS, along with a brief description of their respective roles and responsibilities.

Office of Member Resources

Office of Membership Compliance

The Office of Membership Compliance (MC) is charged with receiving, processing and researching reports of membership violations from members. They are responsible for the proper execution of the UF Starfleet Membership Compliance System outlined in Section 5 of the UFS Starfleet Consitution and By-Laws. reports can be filed by email -

Office of Intellectual Property Management (IPM)

Responsible for protecting all UFS images and documents (Intellectual UFS Property) from copyright infringement. This office also assists UFS personnel with copyright questions and general management of Intellectual UFS Property. This office plays a crucial role in ensuring that UFS' intellectual property rights are protected, including literary works, artistic works, discoveries and inventions, words and phrases, symbols, designs, copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights, and trade secrets.

Office of Special Projects

The Special Projects Office in UF Starfleet coordinates urgent support and temporary projects within the Command Branch. The Command SPO leads special projects and acts on behalf of senior command when needed. The Special Projects office promotes collaboration and resource utilization across UF Starfleet.

Office of the UFS Diplomatic Corps

Responsible for attending to and overseeing diplomatic relations with friends and allies of United Federation Starfleet. This office plays a key role in maintaining positive relationships with other organizations and entities.

Office of the UFS Historian

Responsible for researching and maintaining the official history of United Federation Starfleet. This includes the preparation and publication of the timeline of UFS. The Office of the UFS Historian plays a crucial role in ensuring that UFS members have a clear understanding of the organization's history and how it has evolved over time.

Office of Heraldry

Responsible for creating several graphical assets for UF Starfleet. This includes mission patches and logos, dedication plaques, and awards such as ribbons and medals. The Office of Heraldry plays an important role in creating a sense of pride and identity among UFS members.

Office of Promotions & Awards (P&A)

Responsible for receiving and reviewing all promotion recommendations submitted to the Promotion Board. They then submit verified recommendations to the Promotions Board and report on the outcome to required parties. The department also reviews and revises the Fleet Level Awards of UF Starfleet, ensuring that members are recognized and rewarded for their contributions to the organization.

UF Starfleet Command Branch (Red)

  • The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCoS or JC) serve as the Advisor Council to the Commander-in-Chief and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of United Federation Starfleet (UFS), as well as to the members and Ships of the Line. The seven members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are charged with overseeing the day-to-day operations of the group. They work closely with the CinC and DCinC to ensure that UFS is running effectively and smoothly.
    • The Five Vice Chiefs provide additional support to the respective Joint Chiefs in the running of the individual offices.
    • In terms of order of succession, the CinC and DCinC serve as the leaders of the group, while the Joint Chiefs of Staff have equal authority reporting to the CinC and DCinC. This structure ensures that UFS operates efficiently, with clear lines of authority and responsibility.
  • The Commanding Officer (CO) within UFS is responsible for managing their ship and crew, maintaining discipline and morale, and fulfilling Starfleet's objectives. They must accurately maintain a Monthly Status Report (MSR), host regular ship events, submit crew transfers, recommend promotions and awards, and handle conflict resolution. The CO serves as the most senior officer aboard a ship of the line and must represent UF Starfleet in the best light possible. The CO also reports to the Chief of Administration as a part of the Ship of the Line Program, ensuring that the ship is operating effectively within the larger organization.
  • The Executive Officer (XO) within UFS serves as the liaison between the captain and the crew. They act as a support officer for the Commanding Officer, taking on various responsibilities to ensure the smooth operation of the ship. The XO manages duty rosters, including personnel management, and integrates ship activities with other UFS fleet vessels and facilities. They work closely with the CO to maintain discipline and morale among the crew, and to ensure that everyone is working towards fulfilling UF Starfleet's objectives.


Office of the Deputy Commander in Chief
Deputy Commander in Chief Poison Toocool R-a4.png
Yeoman to the Deputy Commander UF Starfleet Zania Turner R-a2.png
Membership Compliance Officer Scottybrit Resident C-o7.png
Membership Compliance Officer Jayce Rebel Y-o7.png
Director - Intellectual Property Management Quertie Resident W-o3.png
Senior UFS Diplomat Drewski Northman R-o6.png
Senior UFS Diplomat Mac Gaelyth R-o3.png
Senior UFS Diplomat Mikie Rhiadra W-o3.png
Senior UFS Diplomat Ginrai Yamabushi Y-o4.png
Chief UF Starfleet Historian Candi Quick C-o4.png
Director of Heraldry Erikalancetti Resident W-o5.png
Heraldry Officer Benjamin Brougham Y-o4.png
Director - Promotions and Awards Jimmbo Resident Y-o3.png
Promotions Board Member Lizzy Gracemount T-a1.png
Promotions Board Member Ulrich Bechir R-o6.png
Director, Special Projects Vacant R-blank.png

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