Delta Communicator Submission Guidelines

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Standard Article Submissions

  1. Articles can be submitted in two ways. Either by in-world notecard to Poison Toocool, or by email to [1]
  2. The notecard or email should be titled - "Article Name - Your SL Name"
  3. Any Pictures/Screen Shots that are to accompany the Article should be submitted in .jpg format
  4. All articles will be approved by the Editor-in-Chief prior to publication & edited for grammar or to fit the space available.

Photo Submissions

Photo only submissions are subject to all of the guidelines as for Photos/Screenshots accompanying Normal Articles, I.E: no Screenshot00103.jpg or similar titles with the following qualifications.

  1. Photos/Pics are to be named "Photo Description - Your SL Name" (Photo description to be replaced with an actual description)
  2. Photos/Pics need to be viewable by all ages - i.e no naked shots, no cursing language in speech etc etc
  3. Pictures must be delivered by email along with the article.


Written by:

Poison Toocool

Reviewed and Amended by:

Kermie Mistwallow

Last Revision Stardate: 180613

Intended Audience: All Members UF Starfleet

Reviewing Authority: Chief of UF Starfleet Communications <br\>