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Delta Communicator
General Data
Fleet Affiliation: N/A
Founded: 2382 - Stardate 071020
Status: Active
Location: Pinastri Sector
Division Staff
Division Head: Poison Toocool
Vice Division Head: Vacant
Yeoman: Vacant
Division Structure


The Delta Communicator is the newsletter of United Federation Starfleet. The Delta Communicator is a subspace news broadcast service published on the web. As such, the DC publishes stories every 2 months.

The Delta Communicator takes submissions following the Delta Communicator Submission Guidelines from all members of UFS. Members are strongly encouraged to take pictures at any event of interest they take part in and submit them to the Delta Communicator. Story submissions are accepted up to one week before the next publishing date. Submit stories (WITH PHOTOS!) to

The DC is published by the Starfleet Communications News Network, a part of the Office of the Chief of UF Starfleet Communications. The Delta Communicator Group is lead by the Senior Editor and the Chief of UF Starfleet Communications oversees the entire publication as Executive Editor.


As per the orders of Admiral Mike Calhoun, the first edition of the Delta Communicator was published on stardate 071020 by Mateo Infinity who was then Chief of SL STARFLEET Communications. This was one of only three editions published under the auspices of SL STARFLEET before transfer of power to United Federation Starfleet.

On Stardate 080411 the Delta Communicator became on ONLINE subspace news service to enable more dynamic content and media to be used.

The Delta Communicator strives to be an impartial publication and attempts to uphold the journalistic principles of integrity, honesty and balanced reporting.

On Stardate 110129 Commander Kermie Mistwallow relaunched the Delta Communicator with the vision to release it frequently every 2 months.

In July 2012 Commander Ishan Broek took over as Editor in Chief, giving the newsletter a complete design overhaul.

In June 2018 after a hiatus, the Delta Communicator was relaunched with Poison Toocool as Editor-in-Chief.


Delta Communicator
Editor In Chief R-a2.png Poison Toocool

Past Editors-In-Chief

2007 - Mateo Infinity

2008 - Heiraxes Maximus

2009 - CYLONXD Slade

2011 - Kermie Mistwallow

2012 - LeighAnn Mantis - Issues 1 and 2

2012 - Ishan Broek

2018 - Poison Toocool


Delta Communicator Submission Guidelines


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2007 (2382)

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2008 (2383)

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2009 (2384)

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2011 (2386)

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2012 (2387)

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2013 (2388)

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2018 (2416)

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2019 (2417)

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