Course Submission Guidelines

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Course Submission Guidelines

The following is the official UF Starfleet Academy process for submission of class material to be included in the UFSFA course Catalogue.


By Author

  • Author must first consult with the Director of Curriculum Development to determine the need and suitability of the new class they are proposing.
  • All UFSA classes must then have concept approval from the Director of Curriculum Development. This is done by posting a new thread on the "Curriculum Development" board on the UFS Forums. The board can be found HERE
  • Post must include the author, class name, intended College/School, and a brief synopsis outlining what the class will cover.
  • Director of Curriculum Development will add a post to the thread either approving or disapproving the concept, and move the thread to the relevant child board. Once concept has been approved, the author can commence work on the class.
  • Author must then submit a completed first draft of the class to the Director of Curriculum Development for content approval. Draft must include the following:
    • Class text (aim for between 1,200 to 1,800 words) in a gdoc;
    • Public domain images or pictures inserted at the appropriate point;
    • A 10 question exam (True/False, Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blanks);
    • Exam Answer Key;
    • Bibliography - This is a MUST (references to all non-original source materials used). Example - CLICK HERE;
    • Director of Curriculum Development review the draft class.
  • PLEASE SEE THIS PDF with regard to formatting your class and exam CLICK HERE;


By Curriculum Development

Processing and preparation of the class for release will include the following:

  • Spelling & Grammar check;
  • Length check;
  • Copyright check (NB. Classes will not be released until a full bibliography is supplied);
  • Standardising of layout;
  • Removing any references to UFS personnel by name;
  • Assigning the course to a College and School;
  • Inform the author that the class is approved;
  • Provide the final copy of the class and exam to the Superintendent for upload to Online Academy.

The Academy Superintendent will then add the class to the Online curriculum.

Important Notes

All course material MUST be free from Copyright.

  • Ensure that guidelines are complied with and all due credit is referenced in your work.
  • All course material submitted to the Academy becomes the property of United Federation Starfleet, Inc. This is similar to donating a build or a script to the group. All materials, prims, notecards, textures, snapshots etc must have full permissions in world.
  • All Bibliographies will be published on the wiki, and will be preceded by the following disclaimer:
  • The materials as used in the creation of this class are the property of United Federation Starfleet Academy (UFSA) of United Federation Starfleet. (UFS), and they are solely intended for the private use of our members. UFS holds no claims to any trademarks, copyrights, or properties held by CBS Paramount Television, any of its subsidiaries, or on any other company's or person's intellectual properties which may or may not be contained within.

  • No portion of these materials may be copied or republished in any or form without the written consent of the Deputy Commander in Chief of UFS. All content drawn in from sources outside of UFS are used per Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 107: Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair Use, of the United States Code [1]. The material as used is for educational purposes only and no profit is made from the use of the material.