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There are 2 main specializations of computer operations officers. Their responsibility are defined below. These specializations apply in both the Support and Infrastructure departments of CompOps.

UFS Forum Moderator (CompOps Officer - Forum Specialization)

  • Responsible for approving (new) members access to the forum
  • Responsible for removing unauthorized accounts to the forum, and logging them.
  • Responsible for adding and removing people from the appropriate usergroups based ONLY on the (I)PCS orders posted on the forums by personnel.
  • Responsible for (un)locking topics in the forum by request of the original author only (i.e. unlocking a personal log)
  • Responsible for moving personal logs to the right station/branch when a member receives (I)PCS orders posted on the forums by personnel.
  • Responsible for adding/removing people to the right ranks ONLY based on the promotions that the Promotions & Awards board post on the forums.
  • Responsible for manning the UFS Online Help - Forums Section for a few hours per week.
  • Responsible for assisting the (vice) Head of CompOps upon request.

This person is NOT responsible for:

  • NOT responsible for adding/removing boards
  • NOT responsible for banning/unbanning users
  • NOT responsible for editing/modifying User Rights (access) on the Forum, except for adding them to the right usergroup(s)
  • NOT responsible for locking/unlocking topics in the forum that are not their own
  • NOT responsible for communicating with members regarding CompOps issues
  • And anything else not mentioned.

UFS Wiki Moderator (CompOps Officer - Wiki Specialization)

  • Responsible for assisting users on the Wiki with Wiki-markup.
  • Responsible for cleaning up the Wiki - Adding pages to the right categories and/or marking them for deletion.
  • Responsible for maintaining the UFS protected templates and pages.
  • Responsible for Protecting and Unprotecting pages.
  • Responsible for assisting the (vice) Head of CompOps upon request.

Anything NOT in these lists is not the responsibility of this billet and therefore must be requested via the Head or Vice Head of Computer Operations.