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CompOps Customer Service Representatives or CSR's are a crucial component of Computer Operations. They are a part of the Support department within CompOps. As a Support representative, the CSR serves as a buffer between the teams and the rest of the group.

What is definition of a CSR?

The support representative helps members by viewing and answering support tickets delivered via the Help Desk. During this process, CSR's are expected to:

  • Process help tickets.
  • Guide members to the right department if needed.
  • Fulfill customer needs to ensure customer satisfaction.

Specific duties

Job functions

  • Reports to the Head of Support - Computer Operations
  • Answers help desk tickets in a timely, professional manner.
  • Identify and assess customers’ needs to achieve satisfaction, then determine which team the ticket goes to.
  • Problem solving to find creative solutions to problems.
  • Be willing to ask questions and/or for help when needed.
  • When a member emails, be able to determine whether the issue is solvable in ticket format or in email format. For example: Asking for a new board on the forums, requires a Help Ticket on the website. As opposed to when a member emails saying they cannot access their account at all, this would be in email ticket because it means they cannot log into their account to submit a ticket.
  • Maintain information sensitivity and privacy of members


After receiving training, CSRs are expected to have the following responsibilities.

  • Update ranks on the forums as needed by Personnel (Personnel is responsible for updating ranks and signing members up for the Forums, however, there may be times when they need help with these issues so you will be required to help with this at times.)
  • Upload ads to the UFS Imgur account and input it in the system on the backend
  • Add new jobs to the plugin, on an as needed basis.
  • Be organized and help maintain relations with the rest of UFS by being polite and maintaining professional with "customers" i.e. the member.
  • Perform assigned tasks on an as needed basis in a timely manner
  • The ability to work without a lot of supervision
  • Be active and have fun with the job!

Trial Period

90 days for training is usually allocated for this job. This is to make sure the prospective tech member meshes well with the team. i.e. They are happy and we are happy.