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This guide will familiarize you with the latest version of the Commbadge HUD system.

Current Version

Commbadge HUD v2.5
Issued Stardate: 091121


  • General-purpose broadcasting of messages over the Commbadge network.
  • Branch specific messaging system.
  • Emergency 'Red Alert' button.
  • Setup mode for editing user preferences.


First Installation

To use the Commbadge HUD, simply locate it in the Commbadge HUD v2.5 folder and right-click on it to open the menu, then choose 'Wear'.

To assign the Commbadge HUD to a different attachment point on your screen, choose 'Attach to HUD' and click on the attachment point that you wish to use from the menu that appears next to it. If the HUD does not appear on your screen but shows that it is 'worn' in your Inventory, right-click on any adjacent HUD on your screen and choose 'Edit' to open the Build Tools. With this tool open, use your mouse-wheel or (AMEND HERE) to zoom out until a white box can be seen shrinking towards the centre of your view. This white box is what is visible on your screen, your missing Commbadge HUD may be outside of this box. If it is, use the coloured arrows to drag the HUD back inside the visible area. When it is in position, closing the Building tool will return the view to normal but with the Commbadge HUD in the position you have assigned it.

General Broadcast

To use, simply click on the UFS Commbadge to open the Broadcast Channel. <\br>This channel will send a message to all other Commbadges regardless of any selected channels and will be seen immediately by all branches and divisions.

It is not intended for use in an Emergency or for RP purposes, these will be explained later in this manual.

Branch Specific Messaging System

This feature allows messages to be sent and received on a branch-to-branch basis. Each branch is coloured accordingly and forms two buttons, the HUD will not recieve any branch-specific messages by default. <\br> The available channels are as follows:

  • Marines
  • Engineering
  • Intelligence
  • Security
  • Operations
  • Medical
  • Science
  • Command
  • Academy
  • SFC (Starfighter Command)
  • RP Channel (Roleplay)

The large button containing the name of the branch toggles the HUD to display any messages when selected, it illuminates when activated and fades when it is off-line. <\br> To choose which branches you would like to receive messages from, press the light-blue 'Setup' button to enter Setup-mode, but do not choose any options in the pop-up menu. <\br> Choose the branches that you would like to receive messages from by clicking on the large branch buttons to illuminate them. When you have finished choosing, close Setup-mode by pressing the 'Exit' button on the pop-up menu. <\br> To send a message, click on the branch that you wish to send the message. The small button to the left of the branch that you have selected should illuminate, showing that the channel is open.

Emergency Red Alert Button

This button is similar in operation to the Broadcast Channel, but the message is priortised as Emergency so that the appropriate action can be taken. This button is intended for situations such as griefer attacks, Sim failures or situations that warrant it. <\br> To use the Emergency button, click on it to open the channel so that a message can be sent.

Set-Up Mode

The Set-Up button is used to set preferences for the HUD as well as setting which messages are displayed from the branch messaging system. When Set-Up Mode is used, the HUD suspends showing any messages until Set-Up is exited. <\br> When pressed, a pop-up menu appears that shows the following options:

  • Manual Message
    • When selected, this toggles the channel to be closed after each message is sent.
  • Anim. On/Off
    • This option toggles if the 'Commbadge tap' animation is on or off.
  • Jojomod On/ Off
    • This option shows additional displays when a channel is open or the Emergency channel is in use.
  • Help
    • Opens this manual.
  • Exit
    • Closes the Set-Up Mode and resumes normal operation.