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It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves
JC - UF Starfleet Operations
General Data
Branch: Command
Status: Active
Homebase: Pinastri Headquarters
Division Staff
Division Head: Nora Gerhadsen
Vice Division Head: Aryela Dagger
Division Structure
Branch Commanders

Office of Strategic Operations


The Chief of Operations is responsible for all roleplay aspects of UF Starfleet by creating and maintaining the continuous storyline, overseeing any Task Forces, bringing forth roleplay activities for members to take part in, and ensuring that the universe's continuity is maintained and updated whenever necessary. The Chief of Operations is also responsible for overseeing all Branches outside of the Command branch.


  • Responsible for the Role Play Aspect of all Sectors and Ships of the Line
  • Responsible for creating the continuous storyline and maintaining the different Task Forces active
  • Responsible for creating new Task Forces and dissolving those that ended their story
  • Responsible to bring activity within UFS and making sure UFS follows its continuity.

Branch Commanders

Branch Commanders (Roleplay Creators): Each Branch Commander is responsible for creating activities (a minimum of holding 1 role plays or activity a month is required to retain Branch Commander status) for their members, and providing a line of support to members in need of help with understanding their role or those who simple are wishing to learn more about that branch.

Office of Strategic Operations

(Lore Database)Continuously updating and maintaining the roleplay databases of the fleet in order to ensure continuity, as well as ensuring any old data is kept up to date with its current status as applicable.

Astronomy Database Officer

The research and upkeep of the astronomy database; this includes updating previously discovered planets, nebulas, systems or sectors as they are returned to, and entering the information of new planets, nebulas, systems or sectors that have been newly discovered; Information should include characteristics such as population, where it is located (what system, and what sector?), and any other pertinent information useful to the lore as applicable.

Exobiology Database Officer

The research and upkeep of species discovered or introduced into UFS lore; if a new species is introduced, ensuring that if the species is playable that it is ‘grounded to reality’ (not able to be abused in a roleplay) and does not have any god-moddable characteristics.

Vessel & Station Database Officer

(fmr: ASDB) The research of classes of ships/stations for both SOTL and NPC use. When a new SOTL plans on entering the group with a new class, entering the information for that class and ensuring that its specifications are fair and have limitations as necessary.

Division Staff

Office of the Chief of UFS Operations
Chief of UF Starfleet Operations Nora Gerhadsen R-a2.png
Vice Chief of UF Starfleet Operations Aryela Dagger R-a2.png
Yeoman Jayce Rebel R-o7.png
Branch Staff
Branch Commander Engineering Jorden Allen Y-o7.png
Vice Branch Commander Engineering Vacant Y-blank.png
Branch Commander Intelligence Ulrich Bechir R-o6.png
Vice Branch Commander Intelligence Tai Buckbeak W-o3.png
Branch Commander Medical Njal Edwyn T-o5.png
Vice Branch Commander Medical Vacant T-blank.png
Branch Commander Marines Kyle Asbrink G-o5.png
Vice Branch Commander Marines Vacant G-blank.png
Branch Commander Operations Zimri Zapatero Y-o6.png
Vice Branch Commander Operations Vacant Y-blank.png
Branch Commander Science T'Lara C-o4.png
Vice Branch Commander Science Vacant C-blank.png
Branch Commander Security James Williams Y-o5.png
Vice Branch Commander Security Vacant Y-blank.png
Stategic Operations Staff
Astronomy Database Officer Fred McCellan Y-o6.png
Exobiology Database Officer Vacant R-blank.png
Vessel & Station Database Officer Moonprince Rhode Y-o7.png
Special Advisor Kinney Randt R-a3.png

Staff Archive

Chief of UF Starfleet Operations