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Written by: Admiral Mike Calhoun

Reviewed and Amended by: Jadia Triellis

Last Revision Stardate: 110209

Intended Audience: All UFS Members

Reviewing Authority: UF Starfleet Command


The UFS Membership Handbook is designed to help you join and better understand United Federation Starfleet (UFS). For many members who join UFS there may be quite a few who have some common/everyday questions that are often encountered. This guide I hope will help put all of us on a level footing as it explains some of the general requirements for being a member within UFS as well as tools at your disposal should you choose to join.

Becoming a member within UFS offers an unparalleled experience as opposed to other Trek Groups. UFS has begun venturing into other metaverses as well, such as 3rd Rock Grid, OS Grid, and a new Star Trek themed grid known as UFSGrid. One thing that sets us apart from other Star Trek related groups is that UFS is a registered Not For Profit. What this means is that we have the resources and vision to accomplish many different unique membership opportunities. UFS is an organized and structured organization built with a long term vision in mind. If you plan to be promoted to the rank of Captain within two weeks then UFS is not the place for you. When joining UFS, it is important for you to realize that rank and awards are earned and that takes time. UFS was built on the vision to become a Fan Organization that allowed its members the ability to live the dream of a Starfleet Officer in an interactive way. This fact in its own right differentiates UFS from the Play by Email or Play by Forum role play. Our main goal is to recreate Starfleet and the Star Trek universe in the most authentic way possible.


A big part of joining United Federation Starfleet is understanding the key concepts and philosophies upon which we are based. One of those philosophies is IDIC, which stands for ‘Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations’.

IDIC is a Vulcan philosophy stemming back to the days of Surak that carries great weight here at UFS. The 24th century is a time where people of a multitude of differing species from all corners of the galaxy live and work together. Here at UFS you will meet people with diversity of race, species, age, gender and sexual orientation. We encourage you to express yourselves and enjoy the experience; however we require you to be polite, tolerant and respectful of others. Bigotry, discrimination and hatred have no place here and will not be tolerated.

Becoming a member of UFS means you have agreed to play as a Starfleet officer or enlisted recruit according to the conduct we have seen in all versions of Star Trek®. As such, you agree to abide by the rules of UFS and laws of the United Federation of Planets.

What follows are a set of documents that lay down some general guidelines on both getting started and living your life within United Federation Starfleet, which we hope will prove useful.

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