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Task Forces

Task forces have been set-up to easily coordinate and manage missions on a Fleet Level.

While there are permanent task forces established temporary task forces can be set up to facilitate extra missions that happen on a fleet level.

Permanent Task Forces

Permanent Task Forces do not have a Task Force Commander, all missions that are included in these Task Forces are under the advisement of the Chief of UF Starfleet Operations. In order for a ship/station to be recorded into these Task Forces they must open communication with the Office of the Chief of UF Starfleet Operations with the proposal for the mission outline.

Permanent Task Forces correlate into one major story line and are always ongoing with no end date.

Task Force Omega - This task force has been established to coordinate, facilitate and catalogue all missions regarding the Borg whether this be but not limited to encounters, battles, sightings or diplomacy. This is a joint operation between the Klingons, Romulans and Federation. Task Force New Romulas - This task force has been established to assist the colonization and restoration projects on and around New Romulus, the capital of the Romulan Republic. Task Force Nukara - This task force is established to combat the Tholian threat whether this is but not limited to, data gathering, combat or scouting. Task Force Dyson - This task force is jointly formed by the Federation, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Republic. its mission is to explore the Solanae Dyson Sphere in the Delta Quadrant and to deal with the Omega particle threat brought by the Voth, who are occupying parts of the Dyson Sphere.

Temporary Task Forces

A temporary Task Force is established when a mission spans more than a month, involves more than 1 Ship/Station and does not fall into the Permanent Task Forces Category Temporary Task Forces have a Task Force Commander, this commander is usually the Captain of the Ship/Station that initiated the mission.

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