Canus System

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The Canian Homeworld is approximately 15 light-years from the Federation and Klingon borders, in the Canus System. The Canus System is a 6-planet Binary Star System, with 2 asteroid belts and a nebula. The Exom Belt weaves itself between the two stars, sitting in a position where it remains stationary between the two stars' gravitational pull. The Ferus Belt is located between Canus V and Canus VI, and consists of mainly icy asteroids. The Canus Nebula consists of non-volatile gases, allowing for starships to enter safely. The Telestor Nebular Observatory is located on the edge of the nebula, close to Canus IV. The Canus system is made up as follows:


  • Canus I : Class N Planet
  • Canus II : Class N Planet
  • Canus III : Class L Planet
  • Canus IV : Class M Planet
  • Canus V : Class K Planet
  • Canus VI : Class D Planet

Canus IV is the planet that the Canian race calls home. It has one moon named Howlon. It is covered by 40% land and 60% water, and split into four main continents. The planet's continents are Grral, an icy continent to the far North, Verinus, a moderate temperate continent north of the equator, Seronus, a desert, tropical continent south of the equator, and Exonal, a tundra continent to the far South. Canus IV's capital city is located in the southern edge of the Verinus continent, in a tropical area. The atmosphere is made up of 50% oxygen, 49% nitrogen and 1% other various gases.