Campaign Ribbons

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Campaign Ribbon
[[ |Campaign Ribbon]]
Awarded by UF Starfleet Command
*Award Type: Ribbon
*Eligibility: units
*Status: Active
*Honor: n/a
*Period: n/a


Campaign Ribbons are awarded to all UF Starfleet personnel and allies who participated in said mission


List of Campaign Ribbons

  • Borg Service Campaign
  • Orion's Sword Campaign
  • Red Sun Rising Incursion
  • Homecoming Campaign
  • El' Dorain Combine Campaign
  • Spouwwqna Campaign
  • Judgement Continues Campaign
  • Egress Campaign
  • Task Force Tolkien Campaign
  • Karakoram Campaign
  • Core Worlders Campaign
  • Karuun Campaign

Borg Campaign Ribbon 2382Orion's Sword CampaignRed Sun Rising Campaign RibbonHomecomingCampaign RibbonEDC campaign ribbon 1.pngSpouwwqnaCampaign.jpgJudgementContinuesCampaign.pngEgressCampaign.pngTask Force Tolkien Campaign RibbonKarakoramCampaign.pngCore Worlders ribbon.pngTaskForce Karuun Ribbon SJ.png