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General Data
*Class: M
*Type: Planet
*Satellites: 3 Moon
*Location: Telos sector. Distance from Pinastri: Rimward 10 LY’s
*Star System: Caledon
*Species of Note:90% Humanoid and 10% Furrian
*Faction Affiliation: Independent State of Caledon.
Planet with heavy industry.

Planetary Statistics

  • classification: Class M
  • distance from sun: 0.9 AU
  • diameter: 45000 km
  • gravity: 1.0
  • atmosphere: dense, oxygen/nitrogen and a few trace gases
  • weather system: Frequent heavy sandstorms
  • temp.: -50C to 40C
  • surface: Lush green with many forest.
  • lifeforms: Humanoids
  • tech. level: Steampunk/Pre-Warp


Discovered by the USS Magellan on Stardate : 071115. Caledon is a constitutional Monarchy with figurehead royalty, and has an Aristocratic landed gentry, which is in a way the real government. The State of Caledon continues forward by the will of the people, for if nobody stayed the region would not survive economically. More specifically though, the Guvnah Desmond Shang is the current ruler. Who is willing to listen to troubles before any insurrection starts! Once upon a time, Caledon was ruled by Stewards. A much smaller nation then, we all knew each other, and each resident could become the Steward of Caledon in turns. With our explosive growth, however, times rapidly changed. Many citizens turned down the honour, for fear of presiding over tens of thousands of USD worth of regions, and making a mistake. Also, reign over Caledon was not a duty easily borne – the citizenry and émigrés had many, many needs. Lastly, a Steward had such power that they could raze every single object and avatar in Caledon in just minutes flat. Not a power to be passed lightly to anyone, simply by virtue of brief residency! Thus the Age of Stewards ended. Those that were Stewards are now titled Royalty, forever remembered for their service. This includes Khashai Steinbeck, First Steward of Caledon, Sir Gerami Fizz, Princesa Yuriko Muromachi, and finally, Vicereine Kamilah Hauptmann. The Vicereine, through fairness, use of her wit, and general friendliness and service to the nation, has retained her Estate Powers from her former title as Last Steward of Caledon. Should anyone be griefing citizen or visitor alike, she may be called upon to defend you. Caledon has a variety of other titled folk, and these titles are of two natures. Some are historic titles, and others are tied to land and estates in Caledon. For instance, the Baron of Bauerhoff Gottfried Eusebio, or Baroness de Caledon Amber Palowaksi have historic titles predating the formation of the Duchys in Caledon. Some perhaps do not claim historic titles, but could (should?) and modestly call themselves custodians of the past. The Lady Pym Sartre of historic Caledon Castle is a prime example of such. The twelve duchys carry title with control of the regions, and are officially recognised. Within their boundaries, the controlling Duke or Duchess of each region holds full estate powers. The 8 Knights of Caledon: On rare occasion, someone does something that is so remarkable, and so utterly beyond compensation or remuneration that they are Knighted. Caledon is Industrial based with vague indications of Pre-Warp technology. A mineral called Cavorite is found by the Caledonians long ago and there is evidence the Caledonians use it for propulsion. Cavorite is a green semi liquid compound that defies gravity. Research on this mineral is performed in Pathfinder some time ago. No direct evidence is found of a Space Program but there is evidence of Time Machines somewhere in Caledon.


75% landmasses and 30% water. Many Victorian cities and villages all around the planet. Heavy naval and steam based vehicles detected. Heavy pollution in the atmosphere caused by the factories in the major cities. Many forests still present though.


About 300 species of plants found during basic scans. No info present.


Land animals and sea creatures detected. Most notable are dragon like creatures which the Caledonians called “Loch Ness” creatures.