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It has been several years since we first set foot on Pinsatri and made it our home. Over the course of those years our colony has grown to include the southern continent a few new space stations and many new species and faces from around the Delta Quadrant. This has taken its toll on the command structure of our fleet. Due to the immense demands that have risen and problems that keep occurring I am announcing a restructure to the Command Structure. Several new posts will be created and have been filled. Following is the outline of the new Delta Quadrant Starfleet Command Structure.

Section1: United Federation Starfleet Command Structure

A. UFS Joint Chiefs of Staff

United Federation Starfleet has become too large to be overseen by just one person. UFS's day-to-day operations are conducted by a group of 5 officers also known as the UFS Joint Chiefs of Staff. Each of these officers have their own sphere of authority in UFS. That means that each of these officers are responsible ONLY for the duties/projects assigned to their office and each will report directly to the Commander in Chief. This was again done to take as many as the hands out of the stew and shorten communications delays

The UFS Joint Chiefs of Staff are selected from the most qualified and experienced officers in United Federation Starfleet. In the event a vacancy opens up in the UFS Joint Chiefs of Staff, the remaining Joint Chiefs of Staff will select a qualified candidate to fill that position. The Commander-in-Chief will select the candidate, but an unanimous vote from ALL the UFS Joint Chiefs of Staff is needed to ratify the candidate. In the event a vacancy opens up in the UFS Senior Staff, the Joint Chiefs of Staff will appoint a qualified officer to fill that position. The Commander in Chief will select the candidate, but a 2/3 majority vote from ALL the UFS Joint Chiefs of Staff is needed to ratify the candidate.

Any and all United Federation Starfleet Command Operations are decided by means of a Joint Chiefs of Staff Meeting. Each officer can bring their concerns to said meeting for discussion. The Joint Chiefs of staff will discuss each concern. After a decision has been reached, the Commander-in-Chief will then enforce said decision. Preferably these meetings are done over voice

Position Descriptions

1. Commander-in-Chief

  • The officer directly responsible for the day-to-day operations of United Federation Starfleet and, as such, oversees and coordinates all of UFS's operations. The Commander-in-Chief is also empowered to take any and all actions he/she deems necessary to protect the honor and integrity of UFS.
  • The Commander-in-Chief is also responsible to handle all disputes that occur between UFS members. In the event no clear resolution can be reached a formal inquiry may be conducted

2. Commander Starfleet

  • The Commander Starfleet is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the day-to-day operations of the UF Starfleet Command Branch.
  • The Commander Starfleet works closely with the Commander-in-Chief and the Head of Starfleet Operations overseeing the day-to-day operations of the fleet.
  • The Commander Starfleet is responsible for updating & reviewing both the Membership and the Leadership manuals.
  • The Commander Starfleet is also responsible for UFS colonies reporting, support and expansion.
  • The Commander Starfleet will also be responsible for Public Relations & Marketing as well as Recruitment & Retention

3. Starfleet Chief of Staff

  • The Starfleet Chief of Staff oversees and coordinates all administrative duties in UFS.
  • The Starfleet Chief of Staff also oversees all UFS Branches on an administrative level and will offer all needed support to those braches
  • The Starfleet Chief of Staff is also responsible for all UFS's Web Operations through the Office of Computer Operations
  • The Starfleet Chief of Staff is responsible for all personnel related issues such as, but not limited to: processing new members, LOA's, retirements, appointments, personnel assignments through the Office of Personnel

4. Head of Starfleet Operations

  • The of Starfleet Operations is charged with the command and control of all operating field units of Starfleet.
  • The Head of Starfleet Operations is responsible for all ships, stations and branches (on RP level) and is charged with coordinating any and all missions

5. Starfleet Academy Superintendent

  • The Academy Superintendent is in charge of all training facilities,programs and issues of UFS members

B. UFS Senior Staff

  • All UFS Joint Chiefs are part of the UFS Senior Staff
  • Additionally the UFS Senior Staff is comprised of all Branch Commanders

a. UFS Marine Commandant
b. Head of UF Starfleet Security
c. Director of UF Starfleet Intelligence
d. Head of UF Starfleet Starfighter Command Corps
e. UF Starfleet Surgeon General
f. Command Liaison of UF Starfleet Corps of Engineers
g. Head of UF Starfleet Science
h. Head of UFS Operations

In Service to the Fleet,

Fleet Admiral Mike Calhoun
Commander in Chief, Starfleet Delta Quadrant