C-490 - Argo

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General Information

The Argo is a breakthrough in Marine Engineering, it is a highly multipurpose craft used extensively by the Corp.


Design Statistics

The basic C-490 is just a large transport with an empty cargo bay but it can be easily and quickly converted to other purposes while on mission.


  • C-490 - A = Personnel & Combat Deployment Transport - Set to transport people, whether between bases or troops forward as well as ring in troops to the front line, has side and rear hatches to allow fast deployment.
  • C-490 - B = High Altitude & Orbital Drop Combat Deployment Transport - Set to Insert a small force of troops by Drop pods to allow for stealthy insertions. Ship also has a special coating to allow for it not to be detected on sensors similar to the Fade.
  • C-490 - C = Light Vehicle Transport - Set to bring in light Vehicles such as the buggy, and other non armored units.
  • C-490 - D = Medical Unit - Set to transport wounded or as an emergency infirmary to treat wounded in the field.
  • C-490 - E = Mobil Command and Control Unit - Set as a command unit for commanders, filled with communications and tracking equipment.
  • C-490 - F = Boarding Craft - Set with docking ring to breach enemy hulls and deploy assault forces.