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The Barrett System is the location of SS Helmut Kohl Starbase and home to Task Force 3. The Barrett system is located in Sector 007H (See Delta Quadrant Sector Map) and is essential to the defense of United Federation Starfleet, providing a first line of defense against attacks and raids from nearby Hirogen Space.


The Barrett System is located in Sector 007H, approximately 70 Lightyears from the Pinastri Star System and UFS Command, a 30 day trip at Warp 9. The Barrett System borders close to the Pegasus Nebula, home of the Argussian Federation and is located on the coreward center of the Nekrit Expanse. This area was chosen by United Federation Starfleet for the establishment of an outpost that would expand into unknown space and at the same time protect UFS from the constant threat of attack from the Hirogen.

Due to the successful construction of SS Helmut Kohl and establishment of Task Force 3, other nearby systems have been colonised with Federation research posts and testing facilities. Both Barrett III and IV are Class M and both have supported colonisation attempts by United Federation Starfleet personnel. There is also evidence that Barrett IV was once home to an extreamly advanced civilisation after an unfortunate first contact with the Parainfectus, a biological entity created by this race and left trapped at the bottom of the ocean for many thousands of years.

Both planet support lush ecosystems, from jungles to deserts and a breathable atmosphere, turning SS Helmut Kohl and the Barrett System into an unlikely vacation spot due to the lush conditions on both worlds.


  • Barrett I (Class B - Geomorteus)
  • Barrett II (Class E - Geoplastic)
    • Barrett IIa (Class D - Asteroid/Moon)
  • Barrett III (Class M - Terrestrial)
    • Barrett IIIa (Class D - Asteroid/Moon)
    • Barrett IIIb (Class D - Asteroid/Moon)
    • SS Helmut Kohl
  • Barrett V (Class J - Gas Giant)
  • Barrett Va (Class K - Adaptable)
  • Barrett Vb (Class P - Glaciated)
  • Barrett Vc (Class P - Glaciated)
  • Barrett Vd (Class Y - Demon)