Barrett IV

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Barrett IV
General Data
*Class: Class M (Minshara)
*Type: Planet
*Satellites: None
*Location: Sector 007H, Delta Quadrant
*Star System: Barrett System
*Species of Note:Humanoids, predominately Terran
*Faction Affiliation: United Federation Starfleet
Barrett IV is an almost exact duplicate of Barrett III and is home to Provence Colony

Planetary Statistics

  • Classification: Class M
  • Distance from sun: 1.6 AU
  • Diameter: 34000 km
  • Gravity: 1.1
  • Mean Circumference 109955.74 Km
  • Volume 22.45 X9^12 KM^3
  • Surface Area 3.85 X11^9 KM^2
  • Escape Velocity : 13.05 Km/sec
  • Mass 3.2323X10^24 Kg
  • Mean Density : .144 g/cm
  • Atmosphere: Oxygen/Nitrogen with traces of Argon and other Gases.
  • Weather system: normal meteorlogy system. cloud system.
  • Temperature: -25C to 50C
  • Surface: 60% water, 40% landmass. flora and fauna system, mountain ranges, rivers and lakes, prairies and grass fields.
  • Lifeforms: No Animal Life or Sentient Species (Evidence of Advanced Culture with presence of Ruins)
  • Tech. level: None.
  • Specials: Location of Provence Federation Colony
    • Advanced Research Facility Discovered on the Ocean Floor.


Barrett IV is almost an exact duplicate as Barrett III, in almost every way although the planet has no moons. Ruins were also discovered by a research team at the bottle of the ocean, mining for a rich deposit of dilithium below the surface of the planet. They stumbled across an ancient, highly advanced research facility and released the Parainfectus Queen from some form of storage who proceeded to control the colonists and turned them into deranged murderers, almost "zombie"-like creatures. The crew of the USS Republic was fortunately able to destroy the Queen and the colony was saved.


Barrett IV has almost idyllic weather patterns, both not too hot and not two cold. It shares exactly the same diameter with its "sister" planet Barrett III which itself is strange. The environment is perfectly configured to human specifications and there have been no recorded storms of any kind on the surface of the planet. Barrett III has calm oceans and a large variety of plant life but contains no animal life.


Barrett IV contains many different and unique varieties of plants. For example, the "Birds of Paradise" plant, only ever believe to have existed on Earth is also present on Barrett IV as well as multiple variety of Klingon and planets unique to other races worlds.


There is no current animal life on Barrett IV.