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General Data
*Home System: [Unknown
*Home Planet: Unknown
*First Contact: 2387
*First Contact By: USS Cochrane
*Government: Tribal
*Violence: Unknown
*Primary Language: Multiple
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Aviani Primus
*Scientific Family: Humanoid
*Scientific Order: Bi-Pedal
*Skin: Feathers
*Eyes: Variable
*Auditive: Advanced Auditory
*Emphatic: Unknown
*Telepatic: Unknown
*Intelligence: Very High
*Genders: 2, Male and Female
Other Information


Lan Nakajima Personal Log, Stardate 111025

Well the last week has been thoroughly exciting, though im sure digging through the sandy deeps of Arrakis wouldn't be considered a vacation to some, but I cant complain. After checking in with the UFS Outpost on the planet I headed out into the Deep Desert aboard the Aeolus, which I have to admit has performed spectacularly in it's multi-environment capacity i've designed it for. But back on topic... I suppose I should start at the beginning... I received a communication from my friend, a Doctor Eros Faust of the Canian Science Ministry two weeks ago detailing a strange electrical anomaly his survey ship detected coming from Arrakis. Usually it would only pass as background electrical discharge from the constant static discharges of the deep desert, but my people were looking for this particular signal, in honesty it's one of the few reasons my government has sanctioned a surveying of the Delta Quadrant. The signal in question is a residual marker left by an old ally of my people, the Avianis. A bird like species that once inhabited Canus III, and helped construct the Orbital Dry Docks at Canus Prime, and the Nebular Observatory not long after Canus VI lost it's gravitational force and dissipated into the nebula leaving it's nearly dead core to collect rouge comets and asteroids to form a small planet.

In essence the Avianis are even more advanced than the Canians in technology, mental and physical evolution, yet they prefer to live simply as possible on dry desert worlds. The Avianis are largely dependent on nano-technology and Cybernetic enhancements which allow them to have the physical abilities nearly 50% greater than a human being, and 25% greater than the greatest Lupinian warrior. Not to mention they live to be nearly 500 years old, which is a great period of time to be alive for any race. The Avianis left the Canus System nearly 150 years ago in a great Exodus leaving Canus III as if they had never been there save for their electronic signal beacon... Sort of like a "The Aivanis were here" sign, which is precisely what I went to Arrakis to find. It took nearly two days to make it to the site of the signal beacon, but I managed to find it about 2 kilometers below the surface in what appeared to be a ruined underground city, which it should be noted that sandworm activity in the area was particularly low, leading me to speculate some sort of device in place to keep them at bay, but this is all purely speculation as that wasn't my reason for visiting. Anyway. I ran several highly detailed scans of the beacon, and have since secured the data aboard the Aeolus to transfer to my private file storage system upon my arrival back to the Pinastri system. I do, however believe that with the scans I conducted we'll be able to find more of the Avianis' colonies, if perhaps not them their selves.

Most Canian scientists agree that the Avianis are somehow related to our Great Awakening, in essence the Avianis may very well be our overseers, once we grew up enough they left us to live on our own. Of course the Avianis never discussed with us the time before the Great Awakening, often feigning ignorance, but there are ancient stories passed down that suggest their involvement as well. Still... I personally have never seen or met an Avianian, but our Historical records indicate they are a very formidable race indeed, and knowing that they may very well have been responsible for my people becoming who they are today, I can't help but get excited about meeting them one day.





Compiled by Lan Nakajima