Astraios Prime

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Astraios Prime
General Data
*Class: Class M (Minshara)
*Type: Planet
*Satellites: L Class Moon 'Questi'
*Location: Astraios Sector, Gamma Quadrant
*Star System: Astraios Star System
*Species of Note:Indigenous Astraionians (Humanoids),
*Faction Affiliation: United Federation of Planets Protectorate
Astraios Prime is the third planet in the Astraios Star System in the Gamma Quadrant. The planet holds many mysteries and strange occurences are an every day norm.

Planetary Statistics


  • Classification: Class M
  • Distance from sun: 1.15 AU
  • Diameter: 31000 km
  • Gravity: 1.1
  • Mean Circumference 99955.21 Km
  • Volume 22.45 X10^12 KM^3
  • Surface Area 3.85 X10^9 KM^2
  • Land surface area 1.51 x 10^9 Km ^2 (42.4%)
  • Water Surface Area 2.32 x 10^9 KM ^2 (57.6%)
  • Escape Velocity : 13.05 Km/sec
  • Mass 3.2323X10^24 Kg
  • Mean Density : .144 g/cm
  • Atmosphere: dense, oxygen/nitrogen and a few trace gases
  • Weather system: normal meteorlogy system. cloud system, rains, snow near the polar caps, lightning and storms.
  • Temperature: -30C to 45C
  • Surface: 60% water, 40% landmass. flora and fauna system, mountain ranges, rivers and lakes, prairies and grass fields.
  • Lifeforms: abundant and various lifeforms and species.
  • Tech. level: Warp capable
  • Specials: Gamma Quadrant colony of UFS.


UFS history on this planet is located under Astraios Colony.


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