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General Data
*Home System: [Sagittarius Arm
*Home Planet: Artican
*First Contact: 131203
*First Contact By: Captain Tiberius Graal of the USS Agamemnon
*Faction: Federation
*Government: Hierarchal Government
*Violence: Low to High
*Primary Language: Federation Common, Articarian
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: HomoCanis Lupus
*Scientific Family: Humanoid
*Scientific Order: Bi-Pedal
*Skin: Fur
*Hair: Varies
*Eyes: Varies
*Auditive: Standard Auditory Communication
*Emphatic: No
*Telepatic: No
*Intelligence: Advanced
*Genders: Three:- Male, Female, Hermaphrodite
Other Information


The Articarians have a long lifespan of the longest known living Articarian is 600 years old. They thrive and live on a planet that has one local sun but the planet is icy with some mild tropical summers. They try to remain peaceful and kind. The Articarians are anthropic wolves and come in different colors and rankings.


17 million BC the Planet of Artican was thriving of a population of primitive feral quadruped wolves. As the primary dominate species of the planet that consists of three seasons. Warming season which is eight months, Cooling season which is three months, and the Dark season which is six months long where the planet goes into a cold rotation further away from the sun in the system.

The planet is still just as lush as during the evolution of the Articarians. They evolved over millions of years into the intelligent anthropics they are now. During 400 AD the Articarians gained the ability to tap into their ancient transformation genes which to find that only males and hermaphrodite were capable of doing. This change was called the Ancient Conversion. This form they take on is where they can morph into a much larger primal form of themselves. This transformation was capable of doing at will and reverting back. During this time the mind was much more slower but more aggressive.

Ancient Conversion pre-infection the body morphs into a much larger form which can be over 10 feet tall depending of the ancient family tree. They retain their memories and mind but is much more slower but the aggression factor is much higher than normal. Speech in this form is more limited to growls and snarls. The transformation consists of the bones and muscles to increase in size rapidly along with growing quickly in height. The conversion to the Ancient form is a huge rush of adrenaline. The revert is quite the opposite as it is quite painful since the body is drained from being transformed.

While transformed the Articarian has an increase in speed, stamina, and endurance along with the higher aggression. The skin is much thicker and armor like making it immune to stun. Weaknesses of transformed Articarians are overcharged hand phasers, high density rifles, along with cannons and higher.

A transformed Articarian is unaffected by stun weaponry but is affected by tranquillizers and anesthetize gases. This form can be killed and does possess a very mild ability to regenerate from mild and minor damage in a period of time. Limb loss can not be regenerated. During the conversion the Articarian looses his tail but during revertion they will quickly regrow their tail.

Revertion has temporary side effects due to how much of a drain the conversion form is upon the body. The side effects can include weakness, disorientation, vomiting, flu like symptoms.

Federation involvement was met on a routine Articarian deep space scouting mission and trading as they were encountered by a Federation starship. The encounter was peaceful and quite enjoyable. There were no conflicts of any kind recorded between the Federation and the Articarians. No trading of tech was exchanged for swapping the techs between the Articarians. A treaty was signed to create an alliance between the two parties. The treats has 84 sub paragraphs and a strict policy on Articarian weaponry so no Articarian weaponry can fall into the wrong hands. There is an exception that allows an Articarian to carry a energy rail gun and shoulder cannons in Federation aligned space.

The Federation was following ambassadorial duties in the contact with the Articarians and engaged in spectating the Blood Sport Competition.

In 590 AD the Articarians became warp capable as it rapidly advanced over the ages to gaining slipstream and not long after temporal phase warp. The Articarians since after the war in the Sagittarius Arm of the Beta quadrant they liberated their species from anymore attack since the Artican technology is much more advanced than even the current Federation. Articarians than sealed away their technology as it still advances today in a undisclosed location. The Articarians do assist neighboring species and help in building better worlds and redeveloping ecosystems. A line of ships was built called Rokins to help dying and desolate planets and species. The Artican home planet even though consisting of primarily a winter ecosystem planet wide still has a thriving plant life and ocean system along with springs and other water supplies.


There is a Heart Festival every cooling season. It is a festival that celebrates fertility and like a breeding season. Clothing is of their modern setting of casual and some professional tastes.

Crime is at a all time low but punishment for crimes can be up to beheading, burning, castration, and even being ripped limb from limb for crimes against Articarian kind.

Minor crimes are punishable by: Public whipping with a bull-whip type whip, chained to a Cardion (solid full steel X that your chained to by neck, arms, legs, and waist for five days and fed only nutrients to maintain your daily bodily intake), and lastly is a public shaving of all fur and hair while being hung upside down.

Space exploring Articarians can only be selected by the Hierarchy council to be allowed to leave the Sagittarius Arm to not only deliver requested items but to explore the galaxies. One in particular was the first to join the Federation his name being Sydus Hopshire, a herm from the ancient Hierarchy royal servant Misalis.

Blood Sport Competition History:

The Blood Sports were created pre-infection as a competition. Since females can not transform only males and hermaphrodites can be in the competition. The whole process starts from when a male or herm is a pup of five years old.

The pup is taken to the capital of Artican which is called Listrous. From there they are blood screened and evaluated for birth defects and disqualifying attributes if so they are returned home and given a brand upon their forehead and muzzle along with upon the body. Once passed they are moved on and taken to an arena for a one on one match where they are stripped naked and forced to ingest a high volume of aggression gas. This is called a pre-competition trial where both parties are to fight and post-serum they are given no serum to force to fight to the death where only one can live and one has to die. Once a successor has gone through that trial they are moved on to a trial of mental integrity where they are put into a holding cell and a hallucinogenic gas is pumped into the room for twelve hours and the pup is evaluated from a viewing booth. After that the pup is moved on into a large room full of several chairs aligned in circles around several learning stations of age. The pup is laid back into one of the chairs and put into a dreamlike state where a transmitting device is placed upon the head and they will be fed knowledge in streams into their mind. Once they reach the age of thirteen they have completed their knowledge streams. From here they are than taken to the next competition and entered.

There are three possible outcomes of a match and they are as follows: One lives and one dies, exhaustion where both or all four parties are too exhausted to continue, and forfeiture from a fighter. All arenas except the main final center arena there is aggressive gas pumped constantly into those arenas, even in the Blood Trail.

The Blood Sport Competition can be one to two years depending on how many entries are entered which start at fifty but has risen rapidly to over five thousand. The entrants are only Articarian. The competition consists of twenty randomly designed arena, ten which are four way matches, and the main arena for the final four way match. The final four way consists of the top sixteen fighters four of which are the top four ranked who are called starters. The other twelve are arena matches. Connected to the main arena is three connecting arenas on each side of the main arena called the Blood Trail. Each of the starters are put randomly at the entry of each Blood Trail to face three of the twelve arena fighters. The starters can be beaten by an arena fighter and that arena fighter can move on in the place of the loosing party. The last four that reach the main arena enter as soon as they reach the main arena and must fight the stipulation to succeeding in the Blood Trail as a arena fighter than a starter is that you are given an additional pure serum shot. Prizes are given to each of the four if they live at the end of the main match.


The government consists of seven Hierarchy Council Lords whom which are in charge and vote taking in the consideration of the Articarian citizen votes on any issues at hand along with carrying out council decisions and missions. Hierarchy approval MUST BE UNANIMOUS to be approved.

In 1230 AD one of the seven Hierarchy Council Lords was infected with the disease which killed the Lord Ignus whom was succeeded by Lord Polisor. The infection than spread to all males and herms of the Articarian species turning the ancient dna that allowed for at will transformations to dormant. A serum was developed over time which was later perfected by a Federation chief medical and chief science officer to allow Articarians to transform again by triggering the dormant ancient dna to turn active for a time.

There is no currency never existed and will never come into place in the Articarian society, but trading is urged in this society and Articarians work to better themselves and for the planet. When a Hierarchy Council Lord dies than a successor is chosen from either their bloodline or a royal servant of the bloodline.


The technology is quite advanced in this culture but live still upon the lands in homes upon the icy lands. They Articarians possess high powered weaponry such as portable lightweight energy rail guns, advanced particle accelerators, enhanced phased biomatter weaponry, subzero weaponry, shoulder cannon energy weapons, and some experimental weaponry.

Space tech includes long range deep space vessels, war ships, and escorts. Weapons include crossphased biomatter phaser and plasma weaponry, nadrion uranium enhanced torpedoes, and particle accelerated fusion ion beam cannons.

Space travel includes Restoration Initiative Reinforced Warp Cores, Initiative Regenerative Shield Arrays, Initiative Combat Impulse Engines, and Initiative Deflector Arrays along with that there are gravity drives upon the war ships.

The gravity drives allow for a fleet of Articarian ships to open a gravity tunnel through space. Articarians use heavy caution to conceal their advanced technology. The war ships and such has been hidden away for a long time still advancing through classified research and development.


Enemies are not a common among the Articarian species.

Although there is a large fleet of Tholiian Rebels that are tracking exploring Articarians to try and capture one to use as a weapon.

Due to the advanced nature of the Articarians home planet the Tholian Rebels do not dare to approach the Sagittarius Arm due to knowing how quickly the Articarians would deploy and eradicate the Tholian Rebels.

At this time there is still debate among the Hierarchy Council to act or not upon the threat of the Tholian Rebels knowing it could start an intergalactic war which could cause the Federation to act and involve themselves into the war turning against the Articarians due to the treaty sub paragraphs.


The serum is a Hierarchy blood based injected compound that is created with a mixture of herbs and plant life from the Artican planet to allow for male and hermaphrodites to be injected to temporarily activate the dormant ancient dna that lies in the male and hermaphrodite Articarians to allow them to transform into their ancient forms.

There are two types of serums: Watered down and Pure. The watered down allows for a half transformation whereas the pure allows for a full transformation. This effect has no will it is forced but suffers high side effects. The serum is highly toxic to most species and in some species it de-evolves that species to its origin of evolution.

Side effects on Articarians is conscious control is lost in full transformation. Extreme high aggression in most subjects which is why aggression gas is used. Extreme sexual drive which is why a sexual dullness injection is used. Insatiable urge to attack and kill. Stronger than will turning strength, speed, stamina, and endurance.

Side effects of revertion on Articarians is disorientation, flu like symptoms, after effects of muscle transitioning where the body is still adjusting to the revertion so it may increase and decrease in size for a period of a short time in spurts, mild aggressive tendencies. Disorders of mentality such as PTSD and Alzheimer's to name a few is heavily suppressed in reverted form due to being serum dependent.