Apollyon System

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Name: Apollyon System

Position: 46.9 LY Rimward from Pinastri Prime

Class: Destroyed

Conditional Notes: Highly Irradiated, Dangerous Area. Vessels with proper shield modifications only.

Society Classification: Pre-Warp Society Destroyed

Society Government System: N/A

Date of Contact: 090516

Other Notes: Classified Data to follow

History and Other Information: The USS Shogun under the command of CO, Ulrich Bechir, was diverted slightly from its course to study strange transmissions coming from the Apollyon System. They seemed to be highly religious in nature and piqued the interest of several social anthropologists on board Shogun. The Shogun proceeded at warp 7 towards the system. Several days into their journey, the following was read on sensor arrays and confirmed via long range probes:

1) Alpha Radiation in high quantities operating at 32x10(12) mrem.

2) Beta Radiation is present, but at nominal levels.

3) Gamma Radiation and X-Radiation is present at high enough quantities to warrant radiation protocols. We have measured the highest point at 76x10(24) mrem.

4) Plasma Radiation is present and operating at 12x10(8) mrem.

This data was consistant with data taken from the Uvalu disaster that had occurred seven months ago. The Shogun immediately took a defensive posture in order to weather the shockwave headed towards them from the apparent destruction of the Apollyon System. After the shockwave had passed, repairs were completed and the Shogun continued on her way. All data was consistant with the Uvalu disaster and the destruction of the USS Benton-A, seven months ago.

Recommendations: The Apollyon System should be marked as a dangerous area and off limits to most vessels. USS Shogun should continue their mission to uncover who destroyed the Uvalu and Apollyon Systems and who attacked various Federation ships and stations.