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General Data
*Home System: [Unknown
*Home Planet: Anatoll
*First Contact: Stardate 100213 – February 13th, 2385
*First Contact By: Captain Anjohl Lapin, CO USS Yurei
*Faction: Unknown
*Government: Unknown
*Violence: Extremely Aggressive
*Primary Language: Verbal communication
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Anatollian
*Scientific Family: Humanoid/Reptillian
*Scientific Order: Bipedal
*Skin: Primarily green, thick and scaly skin
*Hair: Hairless
*Eyes: Light green
*Auditive: Standard auditory
*Emphatic: Unknown, no evidence to date
*Telepatic: Unknown, no evidence to date
*Intelligence: Average (IQ Range 80-100)
*Genders: 2, Male/Female
Other Information
Post warp, technology level comparable to current Federation technologies, extremely aggressive species.


The Anatollian are a sub species of the Orions, originally from the Alpha quadrant. A minor DNA change created this race, possibly thousands of earth standard years ago. Per information shared by the Orions with the Federation in the Alpha Quadrant, this species was exiled from the Orion homeworld approximately 1383 earth standard years ago due to their aggressive nature, and eventually migrated to the Delta Quadrant approximately 211 years ago. They are reptilian in appearance, averaging 1.5 to 2 meters in height, weighing 40 to 70 kilograms, hairless with light green eyes and thick somewhat scaly light green skin. The Anatollians are a very aggressive race, prone to attack without notice as the invasion by the Anatollian flotilla in early 2385 demonstrates.


First encountered by Captain Anjohl Lapin of the USS Yurei, when her ship came under fire by an unknown flotilla bound for the Pinastri system, Stardate 100213. In what has been called the Red Sun Rising campaign, the Flotilla was engaged by the combined forcers of the UFS 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Fleet, resulting in the loss of 1 enemy Destroyer and Dreadnaught, severe damage to the entire 2nd and 3rd Fleet, as well as two ships in the 4th Fleet, before advancing to attack SS Alexandria, Cascadia Shipyards, and SS Athena where they were finally repelled by a combined force of Marines, Athena’s Security forces, and crew from the USS Caracas. The arrival of the USS Sheppard turned the tide of the battle and the Anatollian flotilla retreated.

One subsequent attack was launched on SS Tranquility by a fleet of 6 ships, heavily damaging the station, but the ships were unable to penetrate Tranquility’s shields and eventually withdrew.


Very little is known about Anatollian culture, they are extremely aggressive in nature but have a cooperative society as the organization of the invading flotilla demonstrated. They have an Omni-present creator belief system, but beyond this very little information has been learned.


The Anatollians have technology near the same level as the Federation, although their raiding the damaged ships of the 2nd and 3rd fleet for technology instead of destroying them indicates that their technology has been acquired rather than developed over time.


As their unprovoked attack on the UFS has shown, they maintain their aggressive and unpredictable nature. They are highly dangerous and should not be provoked. Steps should be taken to gather as much information as possible about their present location(s) and intentions towards the UFS and surrounding species in the Delta Quadrant.


Red Sun Rising campaign summary

Captain Kevin Fremont, Branch Commander, Science report -