Amphora V

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Amphora V.jpg.
Amphora V
General Data
*Class: Class M (Minshara)
*Type: Planet
*Satellites: Three
*Location: 2.2 ly Rimward, Pinastri Sector, Delta Quadrant
*Star System: Amphora Star System
*Species of Note:Humanoids
*Faction Affiliation: Independent
This society seems to be the origin culture of the Nyrrian Civilization.

Planetary Statistics

  • classification: Class M
  • distance from sun: 38.2 AU
  • diameter: 49000 km
  • gravity: 1.1
  • atmosphere: dense, oxygen/nitrogen and a few trace gases
  • weather system: normal meteorlogy system. cloud system, rains, snow near the polar caps, lightning and storms.
  • temp.: -25C to 45C
  • surface: Barren, rocky and mostly desert
  • lifeforms: Humanoids and abundant plant and animal life
  • tech. level: Level I
  • first contact: USS Shogun - 090411


From what we can surmise, the Nyrrian Civilization developed warp engines a few hundred years ago as well as the means to explore space more fully. They had a lengthy development period resulting in a layer of space junk surrounding Amphora V and the rest of the Amphora System.

As more and more Nyrrian people became involved in space exploration and exploitation tenses grew between those on the planet and those orbitting/leaving it. This eventually resulted in orbital bombardment almost completely destroying the civilization below. The scattered remnants built tribal areas and avoided the former areas of civilization as being 'places of death', most likely due to high radiation counts. Some of the old equipment kept running, but not in the way intended, sending out high levels of radiation as a result, keeping the dead areas irradiated and killing off the remaining inhabitants.

The arrival of the USS Shogun on 090411 to what they thought was a lifeless planet showed the former strong civilzation as a small group of individuals living in makeshift huts. They were highly radiation poisoned and the plasma reactors were still sending out deadly radiation. The symptoms of the irradiated people were eased immediately and a discussion took place between the CO and XO of the Shogun as to the Prime Directive and its application. The affliction of the Chief Engineering Officer of USS Shogun tipped the balance of the decision in attempting to clean up the remaining radiation. This was quickly achieved and the civilization was left to rebuild without the previous encumberances.


The societies on Amphora V are in a post apocolyptical, new stone age. It has been recommended that Amphora V be made a protectorate of United Federation Starfleet. Its continued development should be monitored by a group of Federation scientists. They should be able to reinvigorate their society relatively quickly, within a century.


Much of the planet has been highly Irradiated, however radiation levels are now dropping to tolerable levels.