Alpha Cadet Company

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in fide cohaeret - connected in fidelity
Alpha Cadet Company
General Data
Branch: UF Starfleet Academy
Fleet Affiliation: Starfleet
Founded: 2381
Status: Active
Location: Location.
Homebase: SS Alexandria
Division Staff
Division Head: Piper John
Vice Division Head: Kermie Mistwallow
Division Structure
Departments under this Division


Pinastri Sector

Excalibur Sector

Alpha Uniques

Sector 002

  • Official Alpha Motto: in fide cohaeret - connected in fidelity
  • Official Alpha Song: Ode an die Freude (Ode to Joy)
  • Official Alpha Dance:

Sector 004

  • Official Alpha Motto:
  • Official Alpha Song:
  • Official Alpha Dance:

Alpha Notes

  • Weekly report are not accepted late.
  • All folders and note cards must be titled correctly.
 Note Card: NAME - DATE - TITLE
 Folder: DATE - TITLE - NAME

Initiated: 070426

Status: Active

Staff Archive

Alpha Cadet Company CO

Alpha Cadet Company XO

Alpha Cadet Company SO

As of 2386 this position has been removed