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Class M Planet.jpg
General Data
*Class: Class M
*Type: Planet
*Number of Moons: 2 Moons
*Location: Delta Quadrant
*Star System: Alakron System
*Species of Note: The Alakra
*Faction Affiliation: None
Planetary Statistics
*Distance from the Sun: 1.5 AU
*Diameter: 12,500 KM
*Atmospheric Conditons: Not Recorded
*Weather System: Not Recorded
*Average Temperature: Not Recorded
*Technology Level: Level MR
This society is now extinct

General Overview

The following is a translated file:

Welcome to our planet, Alakron, and our great shame. This planet lies as a silent testament to our crimes and the great punishment we brought upon ourselves.

Three hundred years before the making of this record, Alakron was a thriving world with two dominant species, both sentient. My race, the Alakra, had the larger amounts of control of the planet through the wielding of our technology and weapons. In truth, we had not treated the other species, the Krasic, well. We had pushed them back again and again to smaller and smaller areas of our world, ceding a continent that we believed, at the time, was poor land in terms of mineral wealth and food growing capacity. The Krasic boldly took the treatment, making the best of their lot, knowing they could not be victorious against superior technology and weaponry.

'"Then we discovered that we had placed the Krasic on a continent rich with an element that would solve our energy problems for generations to come. The Krasic offered to share, we wanted it all. Our people slaughtered the Krasic under the bold, blue skies of Alakron and took the element we sorely needed. It was then we realized our folly. Alakron was truly a world of two species.

The Krasic carried with them a bacterium that aided in the survival of the Alakra race. Without the Krasic, that bacterium our race slowly lost the ability to reproduce. Now, the few of us in this facility are all that are left. When we die, so to dies all sentient life on this planet. We have not asked for aid, nor shall we. This has been brought upon ourselves by our own greed.

We have brought your ship here so our records of what we were will not be lost forever and so others can learn from our foolishness. This world must stand as a sad monument, reminding all those that the creatures on their worlds must be cherished and cared for, you will never know who or what will be necessary for your survival.

Learn from our errors and successes. Transmit the following frequency and our libraries will be open to you, as will the way to leave here.


Alakron was discovered by accident as the USS Shogun observed the birth of a star. The planet had been hidden and it required odd coincidences in terms of propulsion and radiation to find. Scanning the planet found it to be uninhabited by sentient life but showed many structures on the planetary surface that were indicative of an advanced race. Upon beaming down, the first Away Team was attacked by robots tasked with security. After these were defeated, the work of Ensign Alexandra Ogleby uncovered what had happend to the society.

First Contact


Alakron should, as was wished by the last inhabitants, serve as a monument and reminder. There is both historical and philosophical value in this world. It is believed, however, that a team of scientists should be sent to do more study.