Aksum III

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Aksum III
General Data
*Class: Class M
*Type: Planet
*Number of Moons: None
*Location: Midgar Sector, Delta Quadrant
*Star System: Aksum System
*Species of Note: Undisclosed Humanoids
*Faction Affiliation: None
Planetary Statistics
*Distance from the Sun: 1.000 AU
*Diameter: 12,000 km
*Atmospheric Conditons: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Trace Elements. (Including Argon and Carbon Monoxide from combustion.)
*Weather System: Mild Hot Weather, Sub Tropical near the Equator
*Average Temperature: 60F
*Technology Level: Level -N
Discovered by the USS Sheppard on Stardate 100921

General Overview

The inhabitants of the planet Aksum only achieved warp capability in the last fifty years.

The surface of Aksum is covered with industrial highways and artifical water channels dug by the inhabitants due to the planet being only 20% covered with water and over 80% land.

The planet is highly industrialised with a society that is much less advanced then current Federation standards. Aksum is abundant in oil and primitive chemical fuels, as a result, the planet has undergone extensive resource mining before the discovery of anti-matter and warp technology.

Scans conducted by the USS Sheppard shows some evidence of animal life however no further information is avaliable.


Aksum III has extensive concentrations of Cabon Monoxide in the atmosphere which has led to a partial Greenhouse Effect over the planet due to its highly industrialised nature.

"Supermetropolises" (massive cities) have been established on the surface that continue to pollute the atmosphere on the planet. This highly industrial condition means that they planet may have extensive damage to their atmosphere.

First Contacts

Aksum III first made contact with the USS Sheppard on 100911 which picked up the starship via their communications channels, good relations between United Federation Starfleet and the Aksum III government has been established in the hope of a cultural exchange.