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United Federation Starfleet is pleased to offer Continuing Education to all members who have successfully graduated UFS Academy. Whether your focus is learning about Starfleet’s history, obtaining diplomatic and cultural information, or discovering more about your chosen branch, we have designed programs we hope will provide you with an easy-to-understand structure of requirements and electives.

Here’s what’s currently available to you:

Academy Awards

If you’d rather not enter a structured program, you may continue to take classes that interest you when you have time! You may wish to note that there are specific Academy Awards based on the number of classes you have passed. For more information:

Starfleet Branch Intro Diploma

This program is for new members having difficulty deciding on which Branch to enter as they start their UFS career.

Midshipman Program

If you are interested in roleplaying on one of our virtual ships or stations (metaverse and non-metaverse), you may choose to enter the Midshipman Program (MshiP). There are no prerequisites for entering MshiP other than graduation from Academy. Be aware that there are slightly different requirements for metaverse participants (members from Second Life and Third Rock Grid) and non-metaverse participants.

If you are interested in participating, please read through this Guide:

Basic Branch Certification Program

An online certification program aimed at junior ranks or newer members (but open to all) who would like more knowledge about their chosen branch as well as associated branches. The Basic Branch Certification Program (BBCP) includes some leadership courses as well. There are no prerequisites for entering BBCP other than your Membership Certificate from the Academy, but prior graduation from the Midshipman Program is recommended.

You’ll find more information at this LCARS:

Academy Degree Program

You may choose to enter the Academy Degree Program (ADP). Prerequisites for entering ADP are graduation from Academy and three or four basic classes. Feel free to sign up and we'll include those basic requirements in your first degree.

ADP gives you so many choices! You may just take the basic Associate’s degree. Or you might want to go on and earn a Bachelor, Masters, or even a Doctorate. Whatever you choose to do, or how far you plan to go… may you enjoy your participation! The ADP program aims to challenge you just a little, and that’s so when you have completed the requirements, you can feel a real sense of accomplishment when you are awarded your Degree!

You’ll find more information at this LCARS:

Assisting at UFS Academy

Just a quick note to say that the Academy has various jobs available for those interested. Check the UFS Forum 'job applications' list to see what's available. Right now we have a great need for people to assist in adding to our online curriculum.

What Else?

The UF Starfleet Academy Continuing Education Division is always looking for exciting ways to engage our membership and provide opportunities for learning in a vibrant and immersive environment. Check back regularly to see what we’ve cooked up!!

Command & General Staff Development Graduate Program

As per the UFS Membership Manual, a future Ship of the Line Commanding Officer will need to attend and pass Command & General Staff Development (CGSD – CO Administration I). This is part of the UFS Ship of the Line Program. For further information on how to apply for CGSD-CO Admin I, please contact the Academy. For more information on the UFS Ship of the Line Program, please see the UFS Membership Manual or contact the UFS Chief of Staff.