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General Data
*Home System: [Unknown
*Home Planet: Unknown
*First Contact: 2386, Stardate 110813
*First Contact By: USS Shogun
*Faction: Unknown
*Government: Unknown
*Violence: Untrustworthy
*Primary Language: Unknown
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Various Races Folded into Planet Population via Amnesia Effects
*Scientific Family: Various
*Scientific Order: Various
*Skin: Various
*Hair: Various
*Eyes: Various
*Auditive: Various
*Emphatic: Depends on race
*Telepatic: Suspected from original Abheans
*Intelligence: Sentient
*Genders: Any/All possible
Other Information
The actual race was never encountered, however they appeared to 'reproduce' by luring space travellers to their planet, erasing their memories and making them believe they belong there.


The crew of USS Shogun beamed to a planetary surface to investigate an M-Class planet on the Gaea level. There was evidence of inhabitants but none were found. The longer they stayed on the planet, the faster their memories seemed to degrade. Eventually, over time, they had forgotten entirely who they were. Doctor Fargus Skytower, through luck and providence, gave random pills to Captain Ulrich Bechir to try which cleared the effects. The crew was able to free themselves from the control and placed a warning beacon in orbit around the planet.


Very little is known about the timeline of the planet. Attempts to find inhabitants in that area failed.


Unknown, it seems the Abhean culture propagates itself by kidnapping travelers and folding them into their population. They do this through mind control and the creation of amnesia like effects.


Rudimentary, although there was evidence of transporter like technology.


USS Shogun mission logs, Stardate 110813 - http://www.ufstarfleet.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=266&t=21009

Authored by Ulrich Bechir, Stardate 110924