2379-2380 - Origins of UFS

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In 2379 during a joint training exercise in the Khittomer System between Starfleet and the Imperial Klingon Defense Force the USS Wraith NX-97511, a prototype for a new Defiant Class configuration, made a discovery that would stun the Alpha Quadrant and offer it one of the greatest opportunities in history. The Wraith detected intense netruno readings which it thought to be a cloaked Romulan ship and investigated however what they discovered was the aperture to a wormhole. The training exercise was called off and Starfleet dispatched the science vessel USS Yellowstone to conduct an in-depth investigation.

Following a near civil war between Romulans and Remans the Klingon Empire agreed to make Remus a protectorate of the Klingon Empire. The political situation in the Romulan Star Empire continues to degrade following the assassination of the entire Senate by Shinzon of Remus nearly a year before. Much of the empire was unhappy with the peaceful relations with the Federation and allowing Federation vessels to freely cross the Neutral Zone. Many more still were unset with the acceptance of humanitarian aid from the Federation, going against the very core of Romulan belief that they are the greatest race in the galaxy and are destined to rule all others.

After several months of study the Yellowstone announces their discoveries. The aperture of this end of the wormhole, dubbed the Khittomer Wormhole, was not fixed and moved to various locations within 20,000. The aperture on the other end is fixed and is located in the Delta Quadrant. The time between each opening is lessening and within two years will no longer be viable for reliable use.

Starfleet Command began discussing the use of this wormhole to create a colony in the Delta Quadrant. They agreed the project was needed and created a list of directives that it was to accomplish:
1. Observe and study the Borg as they are still an extreme threat to the Federation.
2. Make contact with races contacted by Voyager and renew diplomatic relations.
3. Observe the hostile races that Voyager encountered as they could be a threat in the future.
4. Maintain a self-sufficient colony as supply from the Alpha Quadrant will eventually end.

Starfleet Command reviewed charts from Voyager’s mission and the charts from the wormhole. They selected the Pinastri System, inside the Nekrit Expanse as the location for the expedition.
The Federation Council gave permission to begin planning and present them with a finalized plan once all the details were finalized, most critically who would command this new colony. Starfleet selects several key and influential admirals to select the commander and present it to the Council for approval. Fleet Admiral Akaar headed the team of admirals made up of, Admiral Nechayev, Admiral Janeway, Admiral Ross, and Admiral Nakamura.
After the course of two weeks they narrowed the list of names down to six people.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard with his experience in diplomacy and the Borg was the top contender. The others where Rear Admiral Florance Yates for her administrative abilities, Commodore Bruce MoChap as a veteran starship commander during the Dominion War, Admiral Jellico for his extensive command experience, Admiral Mike Calhoun for his extensive experience in the Dominion War, and Vice Admiral Vztok for his experience in diplomatic relations.
The first name that was crossed off and within the first hour was Admiral Jellico. His abilities at command were extensive and was very talented however his lack of gruff and demanding command style where thought to be a problem when the leader of the new colony would need to be able to work with people well. Admirals Yates, Vztok where eliminated the next day due to lack of real command outside of an office. Commodore MoChap was eliminated due to his known lack of diplomatic ability.
The last two contenders for the position where Captain Picard of the Enterprise and Admiral Calhoun Commander of Starbase 9. After much deliberation Admiral Calhoun was selected to be the expedition commander. Captain Picard while extremely qualified was believed to be needed in the Alpha Quadrant with the strained political situation of the Romulan Empire’s weakness. Picard was a strong presence and respected by many forces in the Quadrant. Admiral Calhoun was chosen for his experience as a Sector Commander, Fleet Commander in the Dominion War, and the independence he had demonstrated throughout his career.
With the final details set the motion was put before the Federation Council and approved on 060112. The plan consisted of a mass building program and a two phase journey through the wormhole.
Construction on the Ournal Class space station to be used as a headquarters began and was to be transferred in stages to the Pinastri System, it was given the name Cascade.
In 060325 the first wave of ships enters the wormhole and proceeds to Pinastri to begin construction. Colonel Kathryn Maxwell of the 588th Marine Expeditionary Unit is the first to step foot on the surface with her marines as they scout and secure the area. The first phase was under the command of Rear Admiral Stewart Price of the Corp of Engineers. Construction of installations and a marine complex begin on 060330.
In 060401 Admiral Calhoun arrives in the Khittomer System to be briefed by Starfleet Command. On 060501 Admiral Calhoun is officially placed in command of the colony.

UFS Command copia.png

By the order of the President of the United Federation of Planets, Admiral Mike Calhoun is ordered to assume command of the Delta Quadrant Expedition effective this stardate. You orders are to proceed to the Pinastri System and establish a Federation presence by way of founding the Pinsatri Colony. Due to the limited communication possible between the Delta and Alpha Quadrants as well as the extensive dangers likely to be faced Admiral Calhoun is vested with the authority of military governor requiring no civilian over site. Admiral Calhoun is to make contact with friendly races and gather intelligence on possible future threats to the Federation.

In Service,

Fleet Admiral Leonard James Akaar
Special Adviser to the Federation President

He is give extensive powers as the colony will operate outside of the Federation and be directly controlled by Starfleet. On 060515 word arrives that Cascade Station and the Headquarters of Starfleet’s forces in the Delta Quadrant have been completed in orbit of Pinastri Prime.
On 060601 Admiral Calhoun assumes command of the USS Aviator as his Flagship and takes the second fleet of ships through the wormhole. Just prior to this Admiral Calhoun was called to the flagship of Fleet Admiral Akaar where with the power vested in him by the President of the Federation he promoted Admiral Calhoun to Fleet Admiral. On 060617 Rear Admiral Price and the USS Wraith return to the Alpha Quadrant.
And so begins the epic saga of Starfleet's adventures in the Delta Quadrant.