"Void Callers"

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General Data
*Home System: [Presumed 48.98 Lightyears Coreward-Trailing of Pinastri
*Home Planet: Unknown
*First Contact: 2387, Stardate 121028
*First Contact By: USS Shogun
*Faction: None
*Government: Hierarchical, on basis of Religion.
*Violence: Violent
*Primary Language: 'C'thon'.
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Animalia
*Scientific Family: Presumed to be Chordata
*Scientific Order: Unknown, presumed to be Amphibia
*Skin: Green, amphibious/rubbery.
*Hair: None
*Eyes: White
*Auditive: Primary vocaliation via larynex
*Emphatic: Undetermined, presumed possible.
*Telepatic: Undetermined, presumed possible
*Intelligence: Sentient
*Genders: Male/Female possible
Other Information
Possible Pyrokinetic, if not Psychokinetic abilities.


The crew of USS Shogun was investigating a planet in the Tokari Sector, thought to be the potential source of a random subspace phenomenon dubbed 'The Bloop'. On the planet surface, they found a building that was similar in appearance to a Stepped Temple, with a single occupant, which attacked the Away Team with some form of fire projection. It is unclear whether or not this projection was technological, or some form of pyrokinesis, before escaping into what appeared to be similar to an Iconian Gate.

Recommend extreme caution when spotting one of these creatures. They seem hostile, and there appears to be knock-on effects to the psychology of biological crew members.


First Encounter, USS Shogun crewmembers, 121028.

121118: Discovery of Saka'ari ship drifting in space near Extropia. Ship crew was entirely eliminated by the Void Caller.

121125: Discovery of 'The Red World', an L-Class Planet that had an archeological observation post placed upon it by the Saka'ari, and abandoned due to a Void Caller attack.

121216: Engaged with the USS Shogun and three Hirogen vessels. Hirogen ships all destroyed, USS Shogun heavily damaged and thrown into the Alpha Quadrant by a vortex.

130203: Discovery of the Occult Star System and away team to the surface of Occult I, presumed to be a Void Caller colony of some type, if not their homeworld. Away team attacked by one of the residents, Executive Officer Commodore Kermie Mistwallow assaulted directly and injured.


These "Voidcallers" appear to be hostile to anyone appearing to be a member of their species, or even religion. The pictographs found on the 'temple' walls, whilst not entirely translated, appear to be hostile in nature, with references to ritualistic slaughter, themes of terror, subversion, and awaking or uncovering hidden members of their race, or even a deity or 'supreme entity' of some kind.


Unsure. They appear to be low on the technological scale, however there are signs of extremely high-technological devices, such as the 'Gate' device found in the 'Pyramid'. It is likely that these gates are cross-dimensional, as well as wide-ranging, like the Iconian Gates themselves, meaning they do have technically faster-than-light travel.

There is a presumption that the staff the creature held during the engagement could possibly be some form of psionic amplifier, like a weapon, however, this is only a presumption.